Using SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional

Prerequisites: Basic experience with the SOLIDWORKS software, experience with the Windows™ operating system, and knowledge of SOLIDWORKS file structure and referencing.


Description: The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The intended audience for this course is anyone who will manage files with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional.


The topics covered in this course are :



Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Concepts

  • The Fundamentals of PDM

  • What is SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional?

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Overview

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Modules

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Components



Lesson 2: SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional User Interface
  • Case Study: Exploring SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional


Lesson 3: Document Creation and Check In

  • Case Study: Checking in Documents

  • Advanced Document Check In

  • Case Study: Checking in Documents with References



Lesson 4: Versioning Files

  • Case Study: Versioning Files


Lesson 5: File References

  • Case Study: File References

  • Case Study: Copy File and References


Lesson 6: Searching PDM Professional

  • Case Study: Search


Lesson 7: Workflow and Notification

  • SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional Workflow

  • Case Study: Workflow



Lesson 8: Managing Local Cache



Lesson 9: Working in SOLIDWORKS

  • Versioning SOLIDWORKS Files

  • Case Study: Versioning Files


Appendix A: Working with Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)

  • Case Study: Modify a Computed BOM

  • Case Study: Create and Modify a Named BOM


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