Easily repurpose existing 3D models to rapidly create and update high-quality graphical assets that are fully associated with your 3D design.


Clearly explain and present your product or process using 2D and 3D graphical content that you can quickly create with SOLIDWORKS® Composer™ software. The easy-to-use tools and intuitive product approach let you work directly from 3D CAD data to make high quality illustrations, photorealistic images, and even interactive animations without waiting for a physical prototype.

Even nontechnical users can leverage existing product designs with SOLIDWORKS Composer and create associative 2D and 3D deliverables that automatically stay up-to-date with the latest design changes. You can start producing a range of technical communication graphical assets [such as 3D interactive animations, 2D line art images (SVG, EPS, CGM), and high-resolution raster images (BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF files)] earlier in the design process, helping to lower costs and speed time-to-market.

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By leveraging the power of 3D, manufacturers can use SOLIDWORKS Composer to produce technical communication that helps customers and partners understand and retain product information more effectively.

Beyond graphical content, SOLIDWORKS Composer can also retain critical design information already built into the CAD model, such as part numbers, dimensions, quantity, standard specifications, torque, surface finish, and so on. Traditionally, manufacturers have had to re-enter it into their documentation—a manual, time-consuming job that adds cost, is prone to error, difficult to update, and inconsistent. Why re-enter data that is already available?

Now with SOLIDWORKS Composer, you can easily import design data to create bills of materials (BOMs), add dimensions, place surface finish labels, and so on.


Reduces time-to-market delays. SOLIDWORKS Composer helps you reduce documentation errors and ensure that deliverables get to market faster by:

  • Starting documentation earlier in the design process and updating it faster when design changes occur.
  • Creating interactive 3D content that can be viewed by anyone with the free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player.
  • Adding interactive graphics to training materials.
  • Creating high-resolution, shaded renderings with a 3D appearance for presentations and brochures.
  • Quickly publishing complex product details online with web templates.


SOLIDWORKS Composer solutions include:

SOLIDWORKS® ComposerTechnical Communication softwareencourages clarity by enabling designers, shop floor, sales, and marketing departments to easily create and deliver 2D and 3D graphical content from existing 3D CAD data. Even non-technical users can clearly present and explain products and processes by quickly repurposing CAD content for technical product communication —while updating it automatically as design changes occur.

With the intuitive SOLIDWORKS Composer software, you can start creating technical communications from the earliest phases of the design process. Manufacturing, technical, sales, and marketing departments can quickly produce leading-edge technical communications that creates competitive advantage while saving time and cutting costs.

Faster Content Development

SOLIDWORKS Composer software enables you to:

  • Work directly from 3D CAD data and create 2D and 3D graphical content in multiple formats, such as raster images (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG); vector images (SVG, EPS, SVGZ, CGM); videos (AVI); and 3D interactive animations (3D PDF, HTML, SMG), executable package, ActiveX control)

  • Use the intuitive authoring tools to leverage the CAD model as a source for technical graphic creation

  • Remove the need for digital photographs, CAD screenshots, and manual drawings

  • Free up engineering resources from the need to generate and maintain images

  • Update technical communication files automatically, keeping graphics accurate and current with the latest product design

Broad Range of Technical Communications Applications

SOLIDWORKS Composer graphical content supports a wide range of technical communication applications for manufacturing, sales, marketing, service, and training—all of which are associated with your CAD data:

  • Publish clear, detailed 2D and 3D instructions to accurately show complex operations for your Assembly Floor

  • Visualize, demonstrate, and sell your product technology in the bidding process

  • Promote your product with marketing materials

  • Publish user instructions with 3D visuals

  • Create maintenance and repair guides for machine operators and service engineers

  • Provide 3D parts catalogs in print or online for customer orders

  • Have Engineers create “3D visual know-how” learning materials for internal or external training

  • Develop visual testing procedures manuals with QA Engineers

SOLIDWORKS® Composer Technical Communication software enables technical, sales, and marketing departments to easily incorporate 3D graphics and interactive animation into technical product communication to show your products and processes more clearly and effectively. Even non-technical users can repurpose CAD content, quickly and cost effectively creating interactive 3D communications.

3D communication and interactive animations created with SOLIDWORKS Composer foster instant understanding of your product’s unique advantages and technical specifications. Help your employees, partners, and customers understand your product and process information better and retain it longer, enhancing your marketing and shortening your sales cycle.

Intuitive Technical Communication

  • Use visual 3D communication instead of text to engage with non-technical audiences or those who speak another language

  • Create clear and intuitive 3D visuals that are easy to understand

  • Use interactive animations and 3D-configurable communication to create a richer product experience

  • Show product assembly, repair, or operation using graphical 3D communication even before the product is manufactured

Optimized Workflows

  • Create realistic product images without needing photography or a physical prototype

  • Create product images and illustrations from multiple angles as needed without a physical prototype

  • Create detailed product breakouts without disassembling a product

  • Keep technical communication materials up-to-date without needing a new physical prototype

  • Link and automatically update technical communications using the CAD model as designs change

  • Start documentation earlier in the design process working directly from the 3D CAD data

  • Complete documentation faster and at lower cost to get products to market faster

  • Minimize translation and localization costs using visual communications instead of text

SOLIDWORKS® Composer Technical Communication software helps deliver clear compelling graphics to end users by simplifying the creation of 2D graphical content for technical illustrations in product communication. Even non-technical users can repurpose CAD content to produce high quality images and eliminate the need for engineering to generate screen shots, exploded views, and other technical illustrations.

Following the simple instructions in intuitive SOLIDWORKS Composer workshops, you can produce exploded views, vector and raster graphics, shaded illustrations or silhouette, wireframe, and flat renderings directly using the CAD model. The high quality 2D outputs can then be embedded easily using any graphic layout software to create product illustrations.

SOLIDWORKS Composer supports a wide range of 3D CAD formats, including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA®, ProEngineer®, and Autodesk® Inventor®, as well as neutral file formats such as STEP and IGES. You can simply open the 3D model to create rich graphical content.

High Quality Graphic Creation

  • Select the 2D output from a wide range of options—SVG, EPS, CGM, BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF

  • Produce high quality vector graphics (SVG, EPS, SVGZ, CGM), line drawings, and stunning raster graphics (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG) directly from existing CAD files

Optimized Workflows

  • Visualize and present how your products looks and functions, instead of just talking in front of your prospects

  • Customize and configure your product visualization instantly according to your prospect’s requirements

  • shortens their decision making process and quickly convince prospects of your product’s value

  • Work directly from existing CAD data

  • Create visual assets in multiple departments through your organization, such as Technical Publications and Marketing

  • Free up engineering from having to continually generate screen shots, exploded views, and graphics

  • Update graphical content automatically, keeping graphics accurate and current as design changes

SOLIDWORKS® Composer Technical Communication software enables a highly interactive end-user experience, allowing technical and marketing departments to easily create high quality 2D and 3D technical communication with the greatest level of product detail and clarity. With the intuitive, powerful 2D publishing, 3D publishing, and viewer tools of SOLIDWORKS Composer, even non-technical users can generate clear, effective communications quickly.

High Quality 2D and 3D Publishing

  • Deliver best-in-class printed documentation using high-resolution shaded renderings with a three-dimensional appearance

  • Create interactive 3D animation so consumers can understand your product from the first look, rotate it, or move around it for a lifelike view

  • Show anyone how your product works, what it can do, or how to do it using universal interactive animations to remove the barriers of technical drawings

  • Help your customers and partners understand and retain information more effectively with high quality, interactive 3D communication

  • Quickly publish HTML pages, PDFs, Videos (including fly-through and walk-through), interactive storyboards, and interactive web pages

Interactive Content Distribution with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

  • Distribute content widely with free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player 3D viewer

  • Enable anyone to view your interactive content

  • Create a complete 3D product experience with interactive product communication

  • Provide multiple formats for 2D output (such as Bitmap, PNG, EPS) and animation (such as AVI)

Advanced Viewing with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro

  • Query, manipulate, interact, and display SOLIDWORKS Composer content with in real-time integration of data originating from external sources using SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro

  • Develop custom interactive 3D applications for lifelike application experiences (such as Interactive Web Training and Part Catalogues) using the powerful, advanced Applications Programming Interface (API) with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player ActiveX

SOLIDWORKS® Composer Technical Communication software frees technical and marketing organizations from inefficient work flows by enabling them to: start creating product communications sooner, update them as the design evolves, and have them finished simultaneously with the product ship date. All too often, product documentation starts at the end of the development process, because technical publishers need to wait for a final CAD screen shot for the actual product for digital photography.

With SOLIDWORKS Composer software, you can use your 3D CAD data to start creating 2D and 3D graphical content for product technical communication from the earliest phases of product design.

Concurrent Document Creation

  • Create 2D and 3D graphical content during design using 3D CAD data
  • Update graphical content automatically as the design changes so documentation is accurate and ready on time
  • Maximize your 3D CAD investment by accessing your 3D model to create product communication from multiple departments in your company

Faster Time-to-Market

  • Deliver technical communications with your products as soon as they are manufactured
  • Promote new products before it is manufactured using sophisticated 3D communication for Sales and Marketing
  • Improve time-to-market and increase productivity

Content Management

  • Manage updates for all SOLIDWORKS Composer content with SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync and SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync
  • Process only changed data to update graphics in minimum time
  • Ensure accurate, consistent product communication with SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync, including metadata, geometry, BOMs, and manufacturing information
  • Schedule batch updates with SOLIDWORKS Composer Sync for large content changes
  • Integrate with other software, such as product lifecycle management (PLM) systems, with SOLIDWORKS Composer Enterprise Sync command-line interface

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