Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials


Description: This course teaches you how to make drawings of SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.


The topics covered in this course are:



Lesson 1: Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Sheets and Formats
  • Terminology

  • Drawing Views

  • Sketching in Drawing Views

  • View Settings

  • Centermarks and Centerlines

  • Model Edges in the View



Lesson 2: Dimensions

  • Dimensions

  • Manipulating Dimensions

  • Dimension Properties


Lesson 3: Annotations

  • Adding Annotations

  • Annotation Types

  • Blocks



Lesson 4: Assembly Drawing Views

  • Assembly Drawing Views

  • Creating Views of Assemblies



Lesson 5: Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Drawing Templates

  • Properties in the Template

  • User Defined Properties

  • Customizing a Sheet Format

  • Define Title Block

  • Updating Sheet Formats


Lesson 6: Bill of Materials and Tables

  • Creating and Managing a Bill of Materials

  • The Bill of Materials

  • Adding a BOM

  • Modifying the BOM

  • Tabulated Bill of Materials

  • Balloons

  • Tables in the Drawing


Lesson 7: Performance and Display Issues

  • Performance and Display Issues

  • Large Assembly Mode

  • Lightweight Drawings

  • Detached Drawings

  • Display Issues in Drawing Views


Lesson 8: Drawing References and Comparison
  • Reusing a Drawing File

  • Changing Drawing References

  • Using DrawCompare

  • SOLIDWORKS Design Checker


Appendix A: Preparations for Detailing


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