SOLIDWORKS Transition Training

Prerequisites: Solid Edge experience

Description: The aim of the course is to seamlessly transition existing Solid Edge users to SOLIDWORKS, ensuring minimal disruption to current working practices. This course will train the users the most commonly used tools to create some basic part components, to be then used in the assembly environment to create a finished product.  This product will then be taken into the drafting environment to produce a detailed production drawing.



The topics covered in this course are:

  • Generic User InterfacePart Modelling

  • Part Modelling

  • Assembly modelling

  • Drafting


Lesson 1: SOLIDWORKS user interface

  • Overview of the user interface

  • Opening files

  • Part and Sheet Metal environment

  • Basic settings

  • Options to speed up your workflows


Lesson 2: Introduction Part Modelling Planes

  • Manipulating FeatureManager Design Tree to access reference planes
  • Use of design panes



  • Variants to create a sketch

  • Solid Edge similarity settings

  • Centre line and construction lines

  • Trim command

  • Constraining sketches

  • Aligning to origin/planes

  • Sketch dimensioning

  • Sketch relationships


Part Modelling features

  • Solid from existing sketch

  • Solid from feature selection

  • Solid from instant 3D

  • Editing sketches

  • Instant 3D edit

  • Solid from open profiles

  • Hole command

  • Fillet command and fillet expert

  • Draft command

  • Revolve base /cut


Sheet Metal Modelling features

  • Tabs

  • Flanges

  • Holes and Cutouts

  • Flat pattern

  • Convert to sheet metal


Lesson 3: SOLIDWORKS basic Assembly Modelling

  • Insert components

  • Mates/smart mates

  • Movement

  • Planar align with angle


Lesson 4: SOLIDWORKS Drawing

  • Importing items – from environment or folder structure

  • Creating views

  • Sectioning and detail views

  • Dimensioning

  • Parts list and ballooning


Lesson 5: Data Migrations

  • Feature Recogniser

  • Strategy for migrations

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