3DEXPERIENCE Collaborative Business Innovator

Add the power of collaboration and data sharing on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform to your SOLIDWORKS portfolio and inspire unmatched product innovation.



Collaborate with Your Entire Organization Anywhere in the World

The cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform brings together all aspects of your business on a single cloud-based platform to increase collaboration, improve execution and accelerate innovation. Collaborative Business Innovator provides the applications and services to digitally connect employees, suppliers, customers and consumers. It enables your teams to create dashboards and communities, aggregate and share data, and connect people and data in one place to empower collaboration, agility, and faster time to market. The Collaborative Business Innovator role provides cloud storage of 5GB per user.


The Most Relevant Information All in One Location

Data is the cornerstone of any business. Collaborative Business Innovator allows you to create dashboards to quickly and securely share essential product development data, such as key performance indicators with executives and customers. Easily create your own dashboard to tailor the experience and display the information that is most relevant to your business in one convenient location online. Keep your product development team informed by sharing any type of media, including images, videos and any CAD files.


Collaborate Through Communities

Easily create communities to share and collaborate on ideas, topics of interest and projects. Share information with stakeholders in real time just as you would on any social platform. Post updates and requests for feedback, engage with ideas, and view and comment on designs regardless of your location. Create, assign and manage tasks, and monitor their maturity status directly in the community. Enable easy sharing of your engineering files with 3DDrive and share interactive content with 3DPlay.


Intelligently Store Engineering Content

Store everything in the cloud with a storage solution that understands design files, and the relationships between other CAD files you upload into the 3DDrive. From within your dashboard, you can easily add, access and share your engineering content as desired. Visualize, annotate, mark-up and comment on various file formats, and share them directly with anyone involved in your project.


Collaborative Business Innovator Applications

App allows for personalization and sharing of multiple dashboards for each user using the extensive and extensible widgets/apps catalog.

3DDrive app is easy to use for storing, syncing, sharing and previewing any file. It also allows light design review.

3DPlay (web) app enables design review through immersive visualization and animation of data stored in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

3DSearch app allows for search through any metadata or files stored in the platform.

3DSwym Analytics is a widget that lets you display the statistics of the communities hosted by a platform as a pie, a column chart or as a simple table. These statistics are the same as those available in 3DSwym app.

The 3DSwym Content widget lets you display one or several items like a post, a media, a question, an idea, a wiki or a survey.

3DSwym app enables enterprise social collaboration via Communities that can consist of internal and external audiences.

A widget for your 3D Dashboard that allows you to perform calculations such as divisions, subtractions, multiplications, additions, and advanced scientific capabilities.

Feed Reader allows you to read articles from various sources, such as blog sites

This app lets you read your emails from your dashboard.

This app lets you present any links that you want to share with others as either an image or a video. Clicking an image opens the corresponding link in a new browser tab.

Use Metrics Reader to create charts based on JSON or CSV data.

A widget to add any internal or external URL links that you want to share with others.

Create and run your own apps to fit your specific needs with this widget.

A SOLIDWORKS add-in allowing you to connect to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform..

Create user groups that can be used by any member of the platform in their apps and edit these groups.

App to create and save rich text notes on your dashboard.

Embed webpages or PDF documents on your dashboard.

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