SOLIDWORKS Extended Subscription Services

Why Subscribe?

SOLIDWORKS Extended Subscription Services (ESS) builds upon Standard Subscription to provide you with addition resources, improved access and customised processes that mean the toughest business and design challenges. If your company has design or engineering teams in multiple locations, uses complex business or engineering processes, or employs mission-critical designs where time-to-market is crucial, Extended Subscription Services is the ideal solution. Working together, SOLID Applications Limited and Dassault Systéms SOLIDWORKS Corp. will provide support services that empower your designers and engineers to work more efficiently and productively, helping your company to maintain a competitive edge. With SOLIDWORKS Extended Subscription Service, you gain a wealth of added features, including:

  • Designated Technical Support Engineer.

    • Arrange remote support sessions with your SOLIDWORKS Technical Account Manager.

    • Visit you twice per year at your primary location to optimise your use of SOLIDWORKS.

    • Visit you annually to present a customised presentation of the SOLIDWORKS 'What's New?' information.

    • Submit your software enhancement requests directly to SOLIDWORKS.

  • Designated SOLIDWORKS Technical Support Account Manager.

    • Prioritizing issues and managing their resolution.

    • Providing tailored customer service reports based on open issues and performance feedback.

    • Helping to coordinate DS SOLIDWORKS software enhancements.

    • Inclusion of a representative set of your data into SOLIDWORKS quality testing procedures.

    • Visit your primary office location once per year to support migration.

  • Rapid Response to issues.

    • Extended Subscription Service provides you with faster response and a higher level of service.

  • Live 24/5 technical support.

    • Around-the-clock support provided by SOLID Applications during normal office hours. For business -critical issues outside these hours, you can access the DS SOLIDWORKS Technical Support hotline 24 hours a day, five days a week.

  • Global Service Account Manager to coordinate global projects.

    • For companies with operation in different countries, a Global Service Account Manager (GSAM) will assist with the planning of strategic projects.

  • SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (ePDM) migration planning.

    • ESS Customers have access to the experience of the SOLIDWORKS and ePDM Support team.

  • Free online CSWA / CSWP certification.

    • Your SOLIDWORKS users are able to enter the prestigious Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional examinations. These qualifications allow engineers and designers to prove their level of proficiency with SOLIDWORKS.

  • DS SOLIDWORKS Executive sponsorship.

    • To keep strong ties between your company and SOLIDWORKS, you will be appointed a senior executive sponsor.

  • SOLIDWORKS World VIP Tickets.

    • Customer with ESS are eligible for two free VIP tickets for SOLIDWORKS World.

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