KeyShot Training

Description: KeyShot Training teaches you how to use KeyShot in conjunction with any CAD package to bring 3D models in and apply the correct materials before creating photo realistic renderings.


The topics covered in this course are:



Lesson 1: Importing Models

  • Techniques for preparing the CAD models ready for import

  • Importing options for single parts and assemblies

  • Once imported look at the structures within the KeyShot environment

  • Manipulate the model for positioning, rotating and zooming



Lesson 2: Assigning Materials

  • Assign materials from the predefined library with a simple drag and drop

  • Assign material directly to components in the Project

  • Create new materials and add to the Library

  • Understand and work with textures and bumps

  • Add decals directly to the model and explain which graphics file to use


Lesson 3: Adjusting Environments

  • Using Environments to create the desired lighting effect

  • Manipulate the Environments to rotate the light and shadow around the model

  • Work with or without the environments within KeyShot to create stunning shots


Lesson 4: Position the Camera
  • Look at photographic techniques used by studio photographers that can be applied in KeyShot

  • Adding Perspective

  • Other creative camera techniques


Lesson 5: Tune Backgrounds
  • Use photographs as backdrops in the image to add realism to shot



Lesson 6: Save the Shot

  • Speed options for test renderings/images

  • Queuing options for remote rendering

  • Quality settings



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