Understanding Multibody Sheet Metal Thickness, Derived Mirror Part Thickness and the Thickness Global Variable

Before starting with the main issue of the article, let’s review how the sheet metal thickness works when dealing with multi body parts. When you create a sheet metal part, you have one Sheet-Metal feature (Part Thickness) and as many Sheet-Metal# (Body Thickness) features as sheet metal bodies. The “Thickness Global Variable” always reflects the […]


Improving the Design-to-Manufacture Process

There has been a lot of conversation lately about a design-to-manufacture workflow as it relates to improving communication and efficiency within a company. What does design to manufacture mean? The short answer is that there are lots of different thoughts on this process. The one that is correct is the one that works best for […]

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SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – February 2018

Hello to all, Welcome to this new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News, coauthored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide. Looking back at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 with Brad Phillips By Julien Boissat On day 3 of SOLIDWORKS World 2018, I sat with Brad Phillips, Senior Technical Customer Support Engineer (TSE) from […]

SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management

With the release of SOLIDWORKS Manage the SOLIDWORKS Distributed Data Management process solution is becoming a reality for a long time SOLIDWORKS customer ENVE Composites. See the full Rachel Joyce-Ready video featured at SOLIDWORKS World 2018 here. ENVE Composites, based in Ogden Utah, designs and produces high-performance carbon fiber bicycle components for demanding riders worldwide. […]

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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 3

In case you missed PART 1 or PART 2… Day 3 at SOLIDWORKS World brings the fourth installment of the skit. The cast is working on the soundtrack, but can’t stop messing around. Megan has reached her boiling point and explodes! The team instantly snaps into shape and finish the voiceover work for Kurt’s demo. […]

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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day Three

Day three of General Sessions at SOLIDWORKS World started off with Mike Puckett, Senior Manager of the Worldwide Certification Program, who gave the audience a glimpse of the workforce of the future. According to Mike the SOLIDWORKS certification program, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, initially took 16 years to reach 100,000 certified users, but over […]


SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 2

In case you haven’t read PART 1… click here. Didn’t click? Ok, here’s the recap…. Ian wanted to do a Star Wars sequel, but that got scrapped. Megan cut Jeremy from the production, but he’s still hanging around. It took 43 takes, but Ian finally produced an incredible demo, although he was still lobbying for a […]

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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day Two

Before diving into an amazing day two, let’s briefly revisit day one’s proceedings, specifically its focus on the user community. SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi stated that users are constantly top of mind. This focus permeates throughout the company. It’s your work, the great products you create, and the lives you change that drives SOLIDWORKS. […]


SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 1

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW is always one of the highlights of SOLIDWORKS World. Users love getting a “sneak peek” at some of the new features coming in the next release and the Product Introduction Team always seems to find a unique and interesting way demonstrate the new features. This year’s edition takes you “Behind […]

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SOLIDWORKS World 2018 General Session Recap: Day One

In his opening remarks SOLIDWORKS CEO Gian Paolo Bassi stated that two topics are constantly on his mind: SOLIDWORKS users and the future. He envisions an industrial renaissance; an era in which machines will expand the knowledge of people who want to design and create things. This future, and empowering the SOLIDWORKS community with tools […]


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