SOLIDWORKS Business Model Changes Coming in July 2023

An increasing number of our clients are telling us that the subscription business model and the Cloud provide many benefits necessary to match the increased pace of innovation: global coordination and visibility of data, processes and applications, resilient and up-to-date infrastructure, greater flexibility, safety, and speed of upgrades.

Our clients are also asking to be eased into this transformation with full reuse of their assets and data. These factors were top of mind when we announced that:

  •         Starting in July 2023, all new purchases of SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD licenses (Perpetual, Term, Standalone, or Network) will include Cloud Services as part of the Subscription.
  •         All existing SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD Subscription licenses will have the opportunity, for a nominal fee, to upgrade to Subscription with Cloud Services, but they will have the flexibility to continue to renew their usual Subscription, if they prefer.

Each of our clients has unique needs and our world-class reseller network is ready to address all of their specific requirements with great attention to assure their success and satisfaction.

Starting in July:

  • All new perpetual licenses of the desktop portfolio will require two years of Subscription. If you choose not to renew your Subscription after two years, your Desktop license will be perpetual; however you will no longer have access to Cloud Services for CAD, version upgrades, and support.
  • New subscription and term licenses of SOLIDWORKS Desktop CAD products, but not the rest of the desktop portfolio (PDM, Simulation, Composer, etc.), will experience an uplift in price. This uplift in price is still a fraction of the cost of the additional value that was mentioned above and will secure the necessary investments in the quality products you have come to expect and the state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure.

Please visit this page to explore the many benefits included with Cloud Services.

If you are interested in learning more about the changes coming in July, please contact your reseller.

Making these changes means that, more than ever, we are committed and accountable for providing you with continuous innovation to the products that you know and love. We know that you need to experience the best value in product development solutions and have the flexibility to make the best decisions for your business, both in pricing and technology mix and at the pace that fits your plans.

Originally posted on the SOLIDWORKS Blog.

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