Harness the Power of Data

Our Data Management tools are all about getting to the right information faster, allowing engineers and designers to make better decisions. And, the 2020 release of SOLIDWORKS PDM and SOLIDWORKS Manage just got faster, helping you to harness the power of your data with blazing speed! SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 makes searching easier and more powerful—all […]


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Enhanced User Experience

Each year our users give us thousands of their best ideas and our development team delivers! Let’s take a look at four highlights in SOLIDWORKS 2020 that will enhance every user’s experience. Have you ever wished you could compress, extend, or stretch parts in an assembly in real-time? Now in SOLIDWORKS 2020, you can, with […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020

In every SOLIDWORKS® release, we work on improving software performance while at the same time working to improve your overall experience. Our goal, as always, is to make your life easier, and the enhancements to SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 are no exception. We are excited to continue providing PDM solutions that help you to get your […]


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SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 Helps You Make Better Decisions for Superior Performance

What if ordinary designers and engineers at your company could quickly simulate fluid flow, heat transfer, and fluid forces that are critical to the success of your design? Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS®, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is a user-friendly, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solution that enables your team to simulate liquid and gas flow in real-world […]


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SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 Helps You Innovate Better and Get Your Products to Market Faster

SOLIDWORKS® Plastics solutions help you to predict and avoid manufacturing defects in plastic parts or injection molds during the earliest stages of part and mold design, eliminating costly mold rework, improving part quality, and decreasing time to market. One of the critical features in SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2020 is Design to Analyst, which enables you to […]


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3 Reasons to Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2020

We are always looking for ways to design faster and smarter. With SOLIDWORKS® 2020, improvements to weldments, large assembly design and drawings provide several big reasons to upgrade that will deliver improved productivity and increased performance.   1. Improved weldment structures. Last year, SOLIDWORKS 2019 introduced Structure Systems, a reboot of our capabilities for weldment […]


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Life just got a little easier with Structure Systems in SOLIDWORKS 2020

What if I told you I built this entire gazebo with just two sketches?   You’re probably thinking, “I could build it with one super complicated 3D sketch, but why would I want to do that?” You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that. 3D sketches, while very powerful, are also very confusing. It can take […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 2020 is all about ease of use and performance! New Default: Incompatible Mesh for Bonded Contact (Improved Ease of Use) SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2020 took a big leap forward by changing the Bonded Contact setup default from Compatible mesh to Incompatible mesh. This change makes it easier than ever to mesh assemblies that don’t […]


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Sort it out! Organize 3D Annotations More Easily in SOLIDWORKS 2020

Does any of these ideas sound familiar? ⦁ How can I identify all the datum features quickly, because they are important references in a model definition similar to street signs in a city? ⦁ In one setup, I would like to inspect by tolerance types such as size dimensions, surface finishes, and surface profiles, because […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020

This is the fourth blog post in a series of What’s New in SOLIDWORKS® 2020. As you may know, SOLIDWORKS CAM is powered by CAMWorks®, but you should also know that SOLIDWORKS has its own development team focused on improving the solution. SOLIDWORKS CAM 2020 is an important component of our design-to-manufacturing solution. We are excited […]


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