It’s Time for Hassle-Free Data Management

If you’re like most SOLIDWORKS users, you can’t help but think about data management. You care about things like: Securely centralizing your data Ensuring proper access rights Avoiding version mismatches and accidental overwrites Every solution out there seems to have trade-offs in terms of learning curve, software/hardware overhead, and complex implementation requirements. Perhaps it’s left you wondering… Why […]


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Robust 3D Mold Design on the Cloud

Mold and tooling engineers face unique challenges that ultimately affect manufactured product quality and cost. Issues can include material variations, weld lines, sink marks, warpage, long cycle times, and incomplete cavity filling. Once the mold design has been completed and manufacturing begins, making design part changes can become very expensive. Therefore, good upfront communication between […]


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Manage CAD Data from Multiple Systems in a Single Product Development Environment

Most companies struggle to keep everyone on the same page—especially in product development. Sharing data across departments while simultaneously keeping it in sync is difficult and expensive in a singular CAD environment. Sharing data is even more complex in a company that has multiple CAD systems, which is becoming more and more common. The Collaborative […]


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May 2021 Feature Drop: What’s New 3DEXPERIENCE Works Design Roles

The browser-based design and engineering capabilities of 3DEXPERIENCE® Works have been recently updated with the R2021x FD06 released on May 29, 2021. All updates to our cloud-based portfolio of Roles happen automatically. The power and flexibility of these applications on the platform are significant and can become an essential part of your product development strategy. […]


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Collaboration Made Easy on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

It can seem like an endless struggle to keep everyone involved on a project on the same page, especially in product development, where approvals from critical stakeholders quickly become bottlenecks that impede fast and efficient delivery. Consider the engineering department alone: Constant challenges include knowing who is working on what project, when each project is […]


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What’s New in 3DEXPERIENCE Design Roles 2021

The browser-based design and engineering capabilities on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform have been recently updated. You may not have noticed it, because all updates to our cloud-based portfolio of products happen automatically. The power and flexibility these applications are worth considering as part of your product development toolbelt. Let’s take a closer look at what is […]


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5 Reasons SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Users Should Consider 3DEXPERIENCE Works Structural Simulation

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation Premium is the most advanced structural simulation solution embedded in SOLIDWORKS CAD. Now that the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform is available for SOLIDWORKS users with a lot of exciting simulation technology from SIMULIA, one question is often asked: What are the top reasons someone who already uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium should consider 3DEXPERIENCE Works Structural […]


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3DEXPERIENCE Platform’s Simple Licensing Model Offers Casual Access Options

The solutions on the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enable collaboration with your team. All data generated for each project is securely managed—and accessible—on the platform. With an internet connection and a web browser, the platform makes it easy to work from anywhere. Licensing supports the typical one-year subscription model, which is common to many cloud-based systems, with […]


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Cloud-Enabled Simulation Tools Designed for SOLIDWORKS Users

Surprises are critical to entertaining feature films, but surprises in product development are often overwhelming. Issues with quality, blown budgets, and unhappy customers are not the kind of drama you want. SOLIDWORKS® Simulation capabilities help you to digitally predict the behaviour of your parts and assemblies when exposed to real-world physical loads. Quickly obtain insights […]


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Create Manufacturing-Ready Structure Designs with Web-based 3D Structure Creator

Structure systems are a crucial part of many design projects. However, designing structure systems is challenging, whether you’re designing a fabricated structure with bolted connections, a welded structure, a machine frame, furniture, or anything in between. Typically, to design a structure system, CAD users first need to sketch a profile and extrude or sweep it […]


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