Why Cloud-based PLM?

Traditional client/server product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are still pervasive throughout industry. Larger enterprises rely on PLM to manage vast amounts of data that support the ongoing evolution of design through manufacturing. Implementing traditional PLM systems typically involves a high degree of complexity and customization that often translates into considerable time and costs to the business.

Cloud-based technology, however, changes the PLM game, especially for small to midsize businesses. Companies can “switch on” and pay for only the functionality they need. As business grows, a simple flip of a switch adds more PLM functions. Plus, cloud-based data management systems are easier to use and offer more affordable pricing models, in addition to reducing IT overhead.

Cloud-based data management makes it easier for companies of any size to handle the complexities of the entire product record. Remote employees, suppliers, and customers can easily participate in product development. Collaboration is more efficient when data resides in a singular secure place that literally everyone on the team can access regardless of geographical location.

3DEXPERIENCE Works data management tools allow teams to store, manage, and collaborate on SOLIDWORKS design data when connected to the cloud-based platform.

Start at the Beginning and Grow from There

Companies that use SOLIDWORKS typically start their data management efforts with engineering workgroup capabilities on the cloud that include the basics:   collaboration, communication, revision control, and task management tools along with a data repository. As business grows, adding more PLM capabilities, such as building and managing manufacturing bills of material (MBOM), is a snap.

When connected to the cloud, SOLIDWORKS engineers can access PLM functionality directly from their design environment because CAD data can be stored and managed in various file formats. Plus, additional functionality to facilitate design, engineering, simulation, and manufacturing are available within the 3DEXPERIENCE portfolio of product development solutions.

Easily accessible cloud-based tools speed design and engineering iterations that can be realized with fewer physical prototypes to finalize product development. Customers receive what they want faster, with higher satisfaction, while the manufacturer reduces overhead. Product development teams are better able to produce what matters most to their company: high quality products that beat the competition to market.

Find, Share, and Re-use Data

Engineers building new products benefit from reviewing past designs. Finding such designs becomes incredibly challenging if the engineer who built a previous product has left the company. It is easy to access, search, and reuse product-related data on a cloud-based data management platform. With a single place for all data, engineers will spend less time looking and more time finding what they need.

All too often, manufacturing teams receive the data they need late in the design phase. With relevant data, manufacturing could make valuable contributions early in the design process that may help engineering lower the number of parts in an assembly, reduce material requirements, speed production, or avoid costly last-minute changes.

A cloud-based environment makes it easy to involve manufacturing on the front end of design, allowing team members to access and collaborate on product data in real time, which improves communication and efficiency. Enabling early collaboration between engineering and manufacturing helps prevent downstream issues and builds camaraderie instead of frustration between departments.

A Single Source of Truth

3DEXPERIENCE Works offers a single product definition, allowing anyone in a company, based on their function and access rights, to view, modify, and contribute to one continuous workflow and one single source of truth in real time. Connecting all the relevant people with complete visibility of the changes and progress, deliverables, processes, and tools advances product development.

A single source of truth at every stage of the product lifecycle, including BOM and change management, provides the continuity and traceability to develop innovative products more efficiently. Hand-offs are eliminated as teams work in parallel because updates are automatically loaded to the platform for immediate access.

Visibility of crucial information via real-time dashboards and reports provides product development leaders with critical data. Data accessibility also enables increased connectivity to the business network and suppliers, and it facilitates decision making. Complete data visibility improves collaboration and communication and reduces errors and mistakes.

Effective Solutions That Increase Quality

3DEXPERIENCE Works can combine the renowned ease of SOLIDWORKS with all the best-in-class applications developed by Dassault Systèmes that facilitate ideation, design, simulation, data management, manufacturing, marketing, and sales–all in a securely shared environment.

Leverage the power of 3DEXPERIENCE Works to lead the next generation of product development.

Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Blog.

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