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What’s New in 3D Sheet Metal Creator

3D Sheet Metal Creator was introduced back in July of 2020 with the release of 2021x FD01. This role offers a comprehensive toolset specific to sheet metal design for press brake manufactured components, assemblies, and enclosures. The best part is that 3D Sheet Metal Creator offers engineers and designers a complete workflow to create production-ready […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Direct Editing

Whether you are working with imported geometry, feature trees longer than the beards from ZZ tops, or even a simple part mode; that just needs to get done, direct editing features in SOLIDWORKS can get you a long way with little effort.  This tech tip will focus on the ‘Move Face’ command, which is one […]


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Can’t Find a Model You Need? Request it on 3D ContentCentral

You’ve scoured 3D ContentCentral’s millions of models, you’ve completed all search fields, but you still haven’t found what you’re looking for. Well at least it probably didn’t take very long with the site’s advanced search tools, but I digress. Yes, even with a design library featuring millions of models and parts from more than 1,000 […]


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May the CAD be with you: it always is on 3D ContentCentral!

Whether you need some power converters or assemblies to take down an Imperial space station, 3D ContentCentral has the parts you’re looking for. With its powerful search, featuring more than 800 suppliers, it will take you no time to find the industrial components on 3D ContentCentral. If you do not know the power of the […]


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SOLIDWORKS Modeling Challenge – Calculate Internal Volume

Continuing the modeling challenge theme started with our last post, we’d like to review a few different ways to calculate the internal volume of an open container. There’s something to be learned from each method, but thanks to recent enhancements in SOLIDWORKS, some are much easier than others. Feel free to try this out for yourself […]


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Before you build it: See CAD models available in the 3D ContentCentral User Library

Having trouble finding CAD models of purchased components on the manufacturer’s website? Stop! Don’t create a new model before checking the 3D ContentCentral User Library. Why? The User Library contains hundreds of thousands of easy to search user uploaded supplier models ready to meet your needs. Remember: browse it before you build it. To give […]


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More Than 300,000 CAD Models at Your Fingertips on 3D ContentCentral

3D ContentCentral is the place where an active community of over 1.3 million engineers and CAD designers can locate, configure, and download CAD models of supplier-certified and user-contributed components in more than 30 CAD formats in 2D and 3D. 3D ContentCentral contains almost 900 supplier catalogs and an extensive library of user-contributed content with more […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2015, 3D scanning, and 3D printing: the perfect combination

You check your watch, and you have only five minutes until your favorite television show starts! You race to the TV and reach over to the spot where your remote control always is…well, almost always is. You snag, what you believe to be the remote and pointing it to the TV you press the power […]


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Video: Get Plastic Parts Right the First Time

Ensuring strength, rigidity, and easy assembly of your plastic parts can be a challenge. The analysis tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics allow you to test various design alternatives early on in the development process and ensure the best design can be molded properly without costly rework of the mold later on. This short video […]


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Update Microsoft Documents with SOLIDWORKS Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer uses 3D CAD data to generate both pre and post-production images that will allow Technical Publishers to generate owner’s manuals, spec sheets, instructional material, or whatever while the designers are still designing. The power behind SOLIDWORKS Composer is its ability to integrate output into the final publication programs, such as Microsoft Word®, especially […]


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