SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Simulation Productivity Tools: LIBRARY FEATURES

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to save a simulation feature such as a load, fixture, or a connector as a library feature, just like SOLIDWORKS? Simulation library features could serve as templates and help accelerate the design iteration process. Especially when multiple users across design teams are tasked with using simulation, […]



SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Adding Realistic Depth of Field

Physical cameras, unlike the cameras in Visualize, can’t focus on every part of the scene at once. This creates a natural effect called “depth of field.” Photographers use this to guide the viewer’s eye to the subject of the image. You can take advantage of this in Visualize as well – available in both Visualize […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Using the S Key

One of the best ways to save time using the SOLIDWORKS software is to leverage the “S” key.  The SOLIDWORKS “S” key is a customizable shortcut menu that displays when a user presses the “S” key on their keyboard. Image 01 – When pressing the “S” key a menu will appear next to your mouse […]


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Join Us September 18th for SOLIDWORKS 2020 Live Event

Be among the first to hear about the exciting new enhancements and functionality that will be included in SOLIDWORKS 2020 in our live event September 18th. We will have three different sessions beginning at 4PM, 6PM and 7PM BST that will address the new functionality and enhancements (Improved Performance, Streamlined Workflows and Connectivity). No matter […]


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What is the 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

“Time Out Market Boston Opens in the Fenway – A Food Paradise Steps from South Campus,” Boston University,, June 28, 2019.   Here at the SOLIDWORKS office in Waltham, MA, the food aficionados among us were all awaiting one big opening event this summer. Time Out Market, a food hall situated in a renovated […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Assembly Visualization

SOLIDWORKS Assembly Visualization can be used for a variety of tasks like interrogation and analysis of your top-level design or model performance.  It’s a powerful tool to paint a color scale on top of your assembly components based on any property or internally computed data (numeric or categorical). It also provides a fast way to […]



SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – August 2019

Hello to all, Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News!  This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide. Enhance your Windows Explorer view with ‘Full Row Select’ By Nicole Phillips One of the most useful and overlooked display options in SOLIDWORKS PDM for Windows […]



Solving Beamy Part 2 – Three-Point Bending Test with Structural Professional Engineer

In the previous blog post, we discussed solving a 3-point bending test for a bracket for a new portable projector. Figure 1 shows a typical 3-point bending test, but please read the previous blog for a review of how we solved the problem using SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium. Figure 1 – Typical Three-Point Bending Test   […]



SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip – Direct Editing

Whether you are working with imported geometry, feature trees longer than the beards from ZZ tops, or even a simple part mode; that just needs to get done, direct editing features in SOLIDWORKS can get you a long way with little effort.  This tech tip will focus on the ‘Move Face’ command, which is one […]


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Solving Beamy – Three-Point Bending Test with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Three-point bending tests are a common way to evaluate the structural integrity of mechanical components and ensure they meet required displacement/force criteria. A typical test setup for this type of test is shown in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 – Typical Three-Point Bending Test   Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is often used to mimic these […]



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