Modern Cloud Tools put Engineering as the Hub of Design Collaboration

Product development today is a highly collaborative endeavor. Key stakeholders from different departments throughout an organization—not just those in engineering—need to have the ability to weigh in on proposed designs. By doing so, they can provide valuable feedback at the earliest possible stages of the proposed design and throughout the development cycle to assure the […]



Can You Really Trust Your Data in the Cloud?

As more and more software is deployed on the cloud, many might question how secure these cloud-based applications really are compared with traditional on-premise software. To some, “the cloud” sounds like data is magically jettisoned to some nebulous place in the atmosphere—and all that data is now floating out there (securely, somehow) in the sky. […]



SOLIDWORKS Certification Offer for Subscription Service Customers

SOLIDWORKS certifications are a great way to show off your mastery of SOLIDWORKS at different levels and different areas of the software.   We offer exams from the Associate to the Professional and even Expert level.  The exam subjects include core SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, advanced areas such as Sheet Metal, Surfacing, Additive Manufacturing, and PDM to name […]


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Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Analysts

Simulation has always been the holy grail of engineering. In the early days, simulation was restricted to engineers with specific levels of education and experience. This often meant that designers would have to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months to get back simulation results for their CAD designs. Seeing the inefficiencies of this process, SOLIDWORKS […]


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Electrify Your Workflow

Product complexity places unique challenges on Engineering Teams, making the interaction between Mechanical and Electrical designers more critical than ever. New enhancements in SOLIDWORKS 2020 have taken the ECAD/MCAD collaboration to the next level, by providing an intelligent collaborative environment that allows these teams to significantly improve their workflows. SOLIDWORKS 2020 3D Routing now enables […]



SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – June 2020

Hello to all, Welcome to the new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News!  This monthly news blog is co-authored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.   SOLIDWORKS Tips and Tricks “Working with in-context feature and derived configurations” By Mario Iocco This problem is a frequent customer reported issue. Usually is reported […]


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The Easy Way to Work from Home with your SOLIDWORKS Team

The current situation with COVID-19 necessitates working from home for many engineers. SOLIDWORKS® has tools at your disposal, right now, that will help you share, review, annotate, and validate designs with your engineering team from the comfort of your home office. And it is quick and easy to setup. The Collaborative Business Innovator, which resides […]



Expanding Your Reach

SOLIDWORKS 2020 includes capabilities that will expand your reach with CAD-centric workflows by enhancing mesh body utilization and adding new features to SOLIDWORKS CAM. In SOLIDWORKS 2020 you can now edit, remove and add certain features directly on imported mesh files. No need to spend time translating it to a solid model first! With SOLIDWORKS […]



Flex Your Design Muscles and Bend the Rules of Design with 3D Sculptor

3D Sculptor offers a variety of specialized functions that let you quickly create highly stylized 3D geometry by letting you push and pull, or sculpt, your geometry to the shape you desire. But there are several tools in 3D Sculptor that you may not know about that help automate and control your geometry more easily. […]



Get It Done Faster: Product Development Productivity Apps

Everyone uses smartphones for way more than merely a telephone or a device for their favorite music playlists. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are platforms for a host of useful (and fun) apps. Productivity apps, news apps, social networking apps, and so much more. (At last count, according to Statista, Android has ~2.5 million apps […]



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