3DEXPERIENCE Works is the Sound of SOLIDWORKS Getting Better

Many of us understand why people are so passionate about Apple products or why people line up at Starbucks. Neither company invented mobile communication or coffee shops, but both serve their customers in a way that consistently provides exceptional quality. At SOLIDWORKS, we have put many years of development and effort into creating an exceptional […]


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Validate Designs for Life with 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation

Why is durability important? Usually, when companies think about using simulation, they think about increasing product strength and stiffness while reducing weight. However, this approach neglects a pervasive failure mode that is readily calculated: metal fatigue.  Up to 90% of all in-service mechanical failures are due to fatigue when repeated loading and unloading weakens the […]


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Breaking Simulation Barriers for All (Part Two)

In part one of this simulation article, we discussed finite element analysis (FEA) tools. Not only are FEA tools often difficult to learn and use, but in some cases they also require expanded computing resources. However, SOLIDWORKS® delivers a scalable simulation portfolio accessible to everyone, including students, designers, engineers, and high-level FEA specialists. The 3DEXPERIENCE® […]


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Breaking Simulation Barriers

Simulation can be a key differentiator for companies who develop innovative products. Unfortunately, many finite element analysis (FEA) software products are too difficult to use, unless you are a highly trained expert. Plus, limitations in functionality and computing power have also crippled FEA adoption into mainstream design and engineering departments. A survey done by Tech […]


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SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021: Enhanced Contact for Faster, More Stable and Accurate Results

SOLIDWORKS® Simulation 2021 is the biggest release we have seen in many years! We remain focused on making Simulation easier and faster for SOLIDWORKS users to apply to their designs. With the enhanced 2021 Simulation features, you can design better products faster than ever before. Better Performance: Faster Contact Simulation SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2021 calculates contact […]


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Activating SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress

In this video, Martin Smith, Applications Engineer at SOLID Applications Ltd, will take you through the process of activating SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress. SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress offers an easy-to-use first pass stress analysis tool for SOLIDWORKS users. SimulationXpress can help you reduce cost and time-to-market by testing your designs on the computer instead of expensive and time-consuming field […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Simulation Cleaner

Buried deep down in the SOLIDWORKS installation folder there is some very useful tools. One of those hidden treasures SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning utility that can remove simulation setup and results from your SOLIDWORKS files when you no longer need them. The video below shows the use of the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Cleaning Utility: The Simulation Cleaning […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2015 Product Manager Showcase: What’s New in Simulation

The SOLIDWORKS annual release starts with feedback provided by you, our community, and finds its way to the people responsible for including your request in our annual release. For SOLIDWORKS 2015, we wanted to introduce you to some of the people responsible for the new features and let them describe their favourite tools included in […]


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Sneak Peek: 15 Features coming in SOLIDWORKS 2015 – Rotating Mesh Region for Flow Simulation

Each year SOLIDWORKS releases a new version of it’s flagship product. This year, during the 15 days prior to the release of SOLIDWORKS 2015 we’re taking a look at 15 of our favourite new features coming in this feature packed release. Rotating Mesh Region capabilities in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation enable Product Engineers to analyze the fluid flow […]


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Better, faster, stronger (but not harder)

This entry is not about the song by French duo Daft Punk, even though I admit to being a fan. This is about an important enhancement in SolidWorks Simulation 2014: Performance. Virtual simulation is now used as a 3D concurrent engineering tool by product engineers during each phase of the Product development cycle. To make […]


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