3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Roles – How are They Similar or Different than SOLIDWORKS Desktop?

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Role(s) were launched and made available for purchase in July. If you are an existing SOLIDWORKS user or someone who is very familiar with SOLIDWORKS, you may wonder what are they and how are they different from SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD packages? With today’s post, I want to address these questions and help you learn […]



Modern Cloud Tools put Engineering as the Hub of Design Collaboration

Product development today is a highly collaborative endeavor. Key stakeholders from different departments throughout an organization—not just those in engineering—need to have the ability to weigh in on proposed designs. By doing so, they can provide valuable feedback at the earliest possible stages of the proposed design and throughout the development cycle to assure the […]



Can You Really Trust Your Data in the Cloud?

As more and more software is deployed on the cloud, many might question how secure these cloud-based applications really are compared with traditional on-premise software. To some, “the cloud” sounds like data is magically jettisoned to some nebulous place in the atmosphere—and all that data is now floating out there (securely, somehow) in the sky. […]



Make Simulation Work for You with SIMULIAworks on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Simulation software can require powerful, costly hardware. When working remotely or sheltering in place, you may not have access to your normal desktop set-up, or have the ability to communicate with your teammates as you would at the office. What is an engineer to do? The answer is simple: use SIMIULIAworks, featuring Abaqus technology, on […]


Bridging the Gap Between Designers and Analysts

Simulation has always been the holy grail of engineering. In the early days, simulation was restricted to engineers with specific levels of education and experience. This often meant that designers would have to wait days, weeks, and sometimes months to get back simulation results for their CAD designs. Seeing the inefficiencies of this process, SOLIDWORKS […]


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Need Help Managing your Issues?

Remember the old-fashioned way to manage issues and changes? Someone gets a manila folder and walks around the office to get project sign-offs from key people, allowing all stakeholders to make informed decisions before any work is done or any changes are made. Today, every engineer knows that product changes and issues will happen and […]


The Easy Way to Work from Home with your SOLIDWORKS Team

The current situation with COVID-19 necessitates working from home for many engineers. SOLIDWORKS® has tools at your disposal, right now, that will help you share, review, annotate, and validate designs with your engineering team from the comfort of your home office. And it is quick and easy to setup. The Collaborative Business Innovator, which resides […]



Flex Your Design Muscles and Bend the Rules of Design with 3D Sculptor

3D Sculptor offers a variety of specialized functions that let you quickly create highly stylized 3D geometry by letting you push and pull, or sculpt, your geometry to the shape you desire. But there are several tools in 3D Sculptor that you may not know about that help automate and control your geometry more easily. […]



Get It Done Faster: Product Development Productivity Apps

Everyone uses smartphones for way more than merely a telephone or a device for their favorite music playlists. Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are platforms for a host of useful (and fun) apps. Productivity apps, news apps, social networking apps, and so much more. (At last count, according to Statista, Android has ~2.5 million apps […]



Successfully Manage Entire Engineering Teams from Any Location

We get it. Sometimes you just have to get the job done. And, you probably don’t have the time (or the resources) to start setting up a PDM server and VPNs so you can work from home. So, you copy files to a memory stick and take them home with you—maybe not an ideal set up […]



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