SOLIDWORKS CAD: Top 10 Features: Part 1

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We’re constantly improving and upgrading our software. Whether it’s a bug fix to increase performance and reliability, a community-requested enhancement, or patching in new functionality and supported file formats, SOLIDWORKS is always evolving.

Let’s check out the top 10 new features for SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020:

10. Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud

Enable Seamless product development workflows and easily extend them with new tools as your business needs evolve. To learn more, check out the video below:

  • Direct Connection: Easily connect SOLIDWORKS 2020 with key tools through the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE® platform.  The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Connector for SOLIDWORKS Desktop enables you to leverage your existing, on-premise design data to work how and when you want.
  • Data Sharing and Collaboration: Share models back and forth between SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE tools. Collaborate in real time from anywhere and on any device.
  • Extended Workflows: Easily extend your design ecosystem with new capabilities such as subdivision (Sub-D) modeling, conceptual design, and product lifecycle and project management in the cloud.

9. Improvements to SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Enhance flexibility with support of new file formats and customizable materials.

  • XR Exporter: Easily convert your Visualize files to AR/VR experiences.
  • PDM Integration: Manage your files more easily with SOLIDWORKS PDM integration.

8. More Flexibility for Surfacing

Simplify and speed up your design with more robust, flexible surface options.

  • Offset Surface: Identify faces on a surface that cannot be offset, and create an offset surface without them.
  • Thicken: Specify more types of surface direction vectors (other than normal) to a face.

7. Expanded Interoperability with 3D Interconnect

Collaborate with more data sources easily.

  • Drag and Drop into SOLIDWORKS: Drag a non-native SOLIDWORKS file into an active part or assembly.
  • New File Types: Work with BREP data from DXF™/DWG files and IFC files.

6. Improved Design Experience

Save time and simplify design tasks.

  • 3D Printing: Access an extensive list of commercially available 3D printer volumes and create slices for 3D printing directly from SOLIDWORKS® geometry.  Save time and simplify your design tasks with this feature.

Tune in in a few days for Part 2 of our top 10 SOLIDWORKS CAD 2020 features. For a list of all your Subscription Service benefits, Click here.


Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.

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