SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional Training

Prerequisites: Completed SOLIDWORKS Essentials training and a fundamental knowledge of plastic materials, plastic part design, and/or injection mould design


Description: The SOLIDWORKS Plastics course teaches you how to use specialized simulation software tools to predict how melted plastic flows during the injection moulding process. Predicting how the plastic will flow enables you to predict manufacturing defects such as weld lines, air traps, short shots, and sink marks. By predicting these defects, you can change the part or mould geometry, the processing conditions, or the plastic material itself to eliminate or minimize them, saving energy, material, time, and money.


The topics covered in this course are:



Lesson 1: Basic Flow Analysis

  • Basic Flow Analysis

  • Stages in the Process

  • Element Types

  • Meshing

  • The PlasticsManager Tree

  • Input Options

  • Gates

  • Running a Flow Analysis

  • Flow Results



Lesson 2: Detecting Air Traps

  • Detecting Air Traps

  • Stages in the Process

  • Air Traps

  • Switching Modes for Design Changes

  • Design Changes

  • Parts Created Using Mold Design Tools


Lesson 3: Detecting Short Shots

  • Detecting Short Shots

  • Stages in the Process

  • Flow Settings

  • Flow Front Central Temperature



Lesson 4: The Model Manager

  • The Model Manager

  • Stages in the Process

  • Using the Model Manager

  • Copying Parts and Results

  • Batch Manager

  • Summary and Report




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