SOLIDWORKS 2015 Manager Showcase: What’s New in Inspection

The SOLIDWORKS annual release starts with feedback provided by you, our community, and finds its way to the people responsible for including your request in our annual release. For SOLIDWORKS 2015, we wanted to introduce you to some of the people responsible for the new features and let them describe their favorite tools included in the 2015 release. Today’s SOLIDWORKS Expert is Mathieu Fourcade, Product Manager, SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

Mathieu on what’s new: SOLIDWORKS Inspection is one of the latest offerings from SOLIDWORKS. It allows designers, engineers and quality inspectors to rapidly and almost automatically create inspection documents.

Mathieu Fourcade
Mathieu Fourcade

However, all companies are not structured the same way and quality control and planning can be done at different levels of the design cycle and for different purposes. In some companies, the quality department which handles the creation of ballooned drawings, inspection reports, and also records inspection measurements only has access to PDF documents. In others, the mechanical engineer or designers might have to create the inspection reports themselves. That’s why SOLIDWORKS Inspection comes with an integrated SOLIDWORKS add-in and a standalone application to allow users to create their reports and leverage their legacy data regardless of whether they have SOLIDWORKS files, PDFs or TIFFs.

Unfortunately, the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in is limited to the creation of inspection documents and measurements or CMM results can’t be imported. This limitation was forcing users to redo almost everything from scratch.


This is where the new Export to SOLIDWORKS Inspection Project comes to help. This new feature, requested by many users, now gives them the ability to effortlessly balloon their SOLIDWORKS drawings with a simple click of a button using the SOLIDWORKS Inspection add-in and then export a project to the SOLIDWORKS Inspection standalone in order to record measurements.


The project generated contains all the information captured in the SOLIDWORKS drawing. That means quality inspectors can open the inspection projects and instantly have all the information they need to inspect the parts, record measurements, program their CMM software and import their results directly within the same project! This simplifies quality planning and allows companies to consolidate all the information in one place.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is an invaluable tool for companies that want to increase accuracy, save time, and eliminate bottleneck in their quality department with a simple, easy to use, SOLIDWORKS solution!

Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Blog, by Mike Fearon.

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