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Irregular and inconsistent communication is usually the norm for most companies. It is entirely natural for each department to discuss issues only among themselves. Even within a single department such as engineering, sharing information, getting feedback, and keeping everyone up to date, can be a pain and prone to misunderstanding. Until now.

The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform makes it easy to work with people inside and outside your company, including partners, suppliers, and manufacturers.

The Collaborative Business Innovator Role within the platform supplies all the apps you need for making communication easy (and maybe even fun) for your entire team. There is no software to install or download. Neither CAD software nor CAD expertise is required to participate in the conversation.

Connect with Everyone on the Team

The 3DSwym app is collaboration central and the backbone of the Collaborative Business Innovator, where everyone can come together as a team on one common platform to share information in real-time.

Like familiar social media platforms, you can make posts, discuss projects, create tasks, ask questions, or present product ideas in a survey format. Customized dashboard views enable you to display only the information you need to get your job done.

Secure File Sharing on the Cloud

View, store, and synch your business information with the 3DDrive app, which enables you to keep your files in a single location on the cloud. Securely access files and share them with ease. With one click from 3DDrive, you can share the 3D model with others in your company on the platform. Even external people who are not members on your platform can instantly open it for review in a secure environment.

Simplify Design Reviews

The 3DPlay app enables design review through immersive visualization and animation of data stored on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Since the app leverages WebGL technology, you can preview various 3D and 2D CAD formats. Therefore, there is no need to install additional plugins to preview 3D and 2D models in the 3DPlay app.

You can then interrogate the model—zoom, rotate, take measurements—and make comments. Regardless of whether you have access to a CAD tool on your device, you can then publish your design directly from 3DPlay to your community for feedback on your design.

By leveraging the Collaborative Business Innovator,you can simplify your communication workflow and improve productivity. Everyone works from a common platform. Within minutes of logging on, you can review and comment on 3D models. Quickly build views that display only the information you need to get your job done and start discussing product ideas on social communities.


Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.


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