Working Faster and Smarter

Any designer would tell you they’re always looking for ways to work faster and smarter. For SOLIDWORKS 2020, improvements to Weldments, Large Assembly Design and Drawings will deliver improved productivity and increased performance.

Last year, we introduced Structure Systems – a huge update to Weldments which gave added power and efficiency to weldment modelling. As part of an ongoing development project, we have continued to improve Structure Systems to include patterning! This enhancement enables users to create larger structures even faster.


We have also added support for curved structural members including arcs and splines, which are commonly found in round tubing frames.

Complex top-down design workflows can be tricky, and the new Envelope Publisher is a great new enhancement for this type of assembly modelling. An Envelope is a simplified placeholder for larger groups of geometry, allowing the user to reference components in other assemblies but without having to load the entire referenced assembly.

Where there are complex designs, there are complex drawings, and SOLIDWORKS 2020 introduces a brand new approach to tackle this challenge with Detailing Mode in Drawings.

In Detailing Mode, users still have access to most drafting functions, but they are executed in a fraction of the time since Detailing Mode doesn’t require the 3D model information to be loaded in the background. This means big, complex drawings will open lightning-fast, and interactions will be even faster.

Use Detailing Mode to reduce long open and rebuild times when opening drawings of large assemblies, or drawings with multiple sheets. Performance gains are also seen when opening Drawings with multiple section views, dimensions and annotations.


Upgraded Weldment workflows with Structure Systems, the new Envelope Publisher for top-down designs, and the lightning fast Detailing Mode for drawings deliver improved productivity and increased performance in SOLIDWORKS 2020!

Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.

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