SOLIDWORKS Visualize Series – Part 3

In case you missed it, check out Part 1 and Part 2 in this three-part video series.
After watching the first two videos you’ll know that SOLIDWORKS Visualize is great at making both single images and interactive content. But what if the best way to show off your final design is with an animation? Don’t worry, Visualize Professional has got your back.

In the final video of this three part series, you’ll learn about Visualize Professional’s powerful animation suite and how easy it is to create several animations types yourself. Also, you’ll learn how to import SOLIDWORKS CAD Motion Studies for direct rendering in Visualize. This is a powerful workflow especially if you already have a complex motion study keyframed in SOLIDWORKS CAD using the Mate Controller. As an added bonus, you’ll how to use the Motion Blur checkbox which adds further realism to your animations. Just be aware that Motion blur will dramatically increase your render time due to the added calculations required.

So go out there and start creating more immersive content to tell a deeper story and promote your next great idea!
Please note: you do not need to enable the “Realtime Turntable” from the Main Toolbar to export a Turntable animation. They are exclusively two different workflows and can be used without the other. The “Realtime Turntable” is used only for interactive design reviews directly in Visualize, without having to wait for raytracing to render the turntable animation.


Originally posted in the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.

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