What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Productivity Enhancements for Milling

Productivity Enhancements for Milling

Defining rules for each CNC machine creates standards for specific manufacturing workflows. Automatic feedrate changes for arcs and sharp corners provide flexibility in the programming process.

Capture Manufacturing Processes and Leverage MBD Design Data

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 reduces programming time even further, by introducing a wealth of new productivity enhancements. Utilize the power of configurations to define multiple manufacturing set ups and operations on a single part. New custom tool and corner slow down options increase tool life and improve surface finish.

NC programmers using multiple machine tools can now take even greater advantage of SOLIDWORKS CAM’s powerful automation capabilities. The technology database now provides you with the option to define multiple machining strategies and assign them to a specific machine.

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 also adds some great productivity enhancements for creating everyday machining operations. For example, new options to control hole start and end positon provide much greater flexibility when you are defining drilling operations. Now you can set an offset to feed in from a specific distance, and drill to a specific position regardless of feature size, eliminating the need to create any extra construction geometry.

When having to meet strict tolerance requirements its often necessary to have to offset the positon of a toolpath in relation to the model geometry. Even small incremental adjustments can result in time consuming workarounds, for example manually editing the NC program or even changing the model geometry. In SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 you can now change the position of machined features using the new “move” command. Features can be moved in X,Y and Z providing a great way to easily machine to mid tolerance without the extra rework that’s often necessary.

Those are some of the fantastic new features in SOLIDWORKS CAM 2019 that can help you improve quality and reduce the time required to generate NC programs.

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