Top Ten SOLIDWORKS Design-to-Manufacturing Enhancements

Dassault Systèmes has launched SOLIDWORKS® 2021, the latest release of its portfolio of 3D design and manufacturing applications. SOLIDWORKS 2021 includes performance enhancements and expanded functionalities that improve workflows for design, documentation, data management, validation, and manufacturing. Users can also expand their capabilities by connecting to the 3DEXPERIENCE® WORKS portfolio to tackle more challenges, from […]


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Video: Get Plastic Parts Right the First Time

Ensuring strength, rigidity, and easy assembly of your plastic parts can be a challenge. The analysis tools in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics allow you to test various design alternatives early on in the development process and ensure the best design can be molded properly without costly rework of the mold later on. This short video […]


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Designing Plastic Parts Has Never Been Easier with SOLIDWORKS Plastics

The Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Design plastic parts more efficiently and accurately. Take the complexity out of getting your injection molds right the VERY first time with SOLIDWORKS® Plastics. In a matter of minutes you can test your designs for possible flaws and defects, eliminating rework of expensive molds and reducing costs. Validating your […]



Design injection-molded parts? Visit our SolidWorks 2013 website to learn about SolidWorks Plastics

SolidWorks Plastics analyzes manufacturability of plastic parts, identifies potential defects early in design, and visualizes results in the 3D model to provide a bridge between plastic part design and mold-making. Easy-to-use software for part designers, mold designers, and mold makers Guided analysis to optimize designs for injection molding Early error detection reduces costs and rework […]


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