SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – May 2016

Welcome to this new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News, coauthored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide.

Service Pack News

Service Pack 3.0 of version 2016 has been released. It fixes many issues and increases performance, but it also adds some usability improvements. Install it to improve your experience working with SOLIDWORKS. Here is a short list of such enhancements:

SOLIDWORKS User Interface

  • Classic icon colour scheme option for the most frequently used and visible modeling icons
  • Medium Light background colour option
  • Improved FeatureManager Design Tree display to help distinguish suppressed and hidden items
    Showing, Hidden and Suppressed icons in 2016 SP3.0
  • Improved visibility of Assembly components and folders in the FeatureManager Design Tree
  • Fixed FeatureManager design tree icons showing incorrectly with Windows DPI scale in the range of 171% to 183%


  • NEW: Added support for showing custom columns in Change State dialog
  • NEW: Web2. Additional permission control to allow files to be previewed but not download
  • NEW: Web2. Allow file download with Viewer license only
  • Performance improvements to logging in when Refresh cache during login is On and Folders to refresh cache has large number of files
  • Performance improvements and reduced blocking during BOM creation


  • The FFEPlus solver now supports bearing connectors
  • While meshing, the Mesh progress dialog window/box no longer automatically takes focus after each solid body has been meshed, interrupting anything you may be doing
  • Editing shell and defining thickness is very fast again when No Preview is selected


  • Performance improvements for File Open
  • Performance improvements for Zoom, Pan and Rotate


  • Microsoft Office 2016 Support


To get the full list of fixed SPRs in any service pack of version, log in the Customer Portal and click on Fixed SPR list in My Support:

Fixed SPRs list

Spotlight on Features: How sheet metal corner reliefs are applied to the body

By Mario Iocco

In December 2013 we showed the new types of corner reliefs that were added with SOLIDWORKS 2014. At the time, we only explained how these reliefs worked.

In this article we are going to explore how the feature is applied to the part to create the appropriate relief. We are also going to explain what the relief dimensions and some of the relief options means.

For the circular and square reliefs their sizes are easy to figure out. The circular relief dimension specify the radius of the relief and the square relief its side dimension. Fig. 1, shows also how the circular and square reliefs are applied when the “Centered on bend lines” is unchecked.
When the “Centered on bend lines” is not selected the outer edges of the flanges meet the center of the circular and square relief.


Read more here.

Simulation Step-Up Series

Introducing the Simulation Step-Up learning series!
The North America SOLIDWORKS Simulation experts present a series of short, to-the-point and actionable videos. They cover best practices, background knowledge, real-world considerations, and new product updates.
We hope you find the content relevant, engaging, and complementary to your instructor-led VAR training.
First video, team introduction:

Want more? Here is the video about how to make your CAD model ready for simulation:

Noteworthy Solutions from the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base

icon - SW When I try to activate the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize software, why do I see the error message ‘An error occurred validating the SOLIDWORKS Serial Number…’?
One possible reason is that you are using a serial number from a Solution Partner. A serial number from a Solution Partner is not eligible to receive a complementary seat of the SOLIDWORKS® Visualize software.
From Solution Id: S-071109.

icon - SW How do I resolve the Windows® Installer error 1719?
A number of issues can cause the Windows® Installer error 1719.
To troubleshoot this issue, please refer to Solution Id: S-071297.

icon - SW General Hotfix for SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP2 that fixes the representation of hidden items in Feature Manager Tree (SPR#937167)
A hotfix is available for SOLIDWORKS 2016 SP2 which replaces the “backslash” with wire frame icons to represent hidden state Feature Manager Tree similar to SOLIDWORKS 2015.
Find the hotfix and the procedure to install it in Solution Id: S-071046.

Icon - EPDM Which SOLIDWORKS® PDM version supports the Microsoft® Office 2016 software?
Full support for the Microsoft® Office 2016 software is included with the SOLIDWORKS® PDM 2016 SP3 software and later versions.
If you are use the SOLIDWORKS PDM 2016 SP1 software or earlier versions, some limitations apply. More details can be found in Solution Id: S-071126.

Icon - EPDM When I select the preview tab in the SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM software, why do I see the error ‘Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…’?
When you select the preview tab in the SOLIDWORKS® Enterprise PDM or open the SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® application, the error ‘Either there is no default mail client or the current mail client cannot fulfill the messaging request…’ may appear. This error message comes from Microsoft Outlook. According to the Microsoft Knowledge Base, It is possible that a corrupt registry is causing the error.
From Solution Id: S-071164.

icon - Simulation In a ‘Flow Simulation [####]’ message dialog box, why do I receive the error ‘Sorry, there is no valid license available for this functionality.’? message dialog?
Please refer to the explanation and solution in Solution Id: S-071174.

icon - Flow Simulation In the SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation 2016 software, where is the ‘Optimize thin walls resolution’ option?
The ‘Optimize thin walls resolution’ option was removed in the SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation 2016 software. The option is replaced by the new meshing interface.
Effective with the SOLIDWORKS® Flow Simulation 2016 and onward, the ‘Optimized thin walls resolution’ condition is always ON by default.
From Solution Id: S-071020.

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That’s it for this month. Thanks for reading this edition of SOLIDWORKS Support News.

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