What’s New SOLIDWORKS 2016: PhotoView 360 Lighting Control through Proof Sheets


Every year SOLIDWORKS releases a new version of its flagship product, and last year, a new tradition was born here on the Blogs. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Sneak Peek features we presented.

PhotoView 360 Lighting Control Through Proof Sheets
PhotoView 360 proof sheets let you select lighting settings by viewing the effects of a range of settings in a series of proof sheets. Each image represents a different setting for your primary PhotoView 360 lighting. Rendering brightness, background brightness, and scene reflectivity are controlled by the PhotoView 360 Scene Illumination Proof Sheet, a dialog box that lets you quickly see a wide range of variations of these parameters. To learn more about these settings, be sure to head over the help.

Originally posted by Rachel Diane York in the SOLIDWORKS Tech Blog.

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