Normandy Guitars at SOLIDWORKS World Product Showcase

As mentioned in a post a few weeks back, we’ve completely changed Product Showcase at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 this year.  Users were invited to participate in a variety of experiences with products designed in SOLIDWORKS.  One of these products was a part of Guitars designed by Jim Normandy of Normandy Guitars.

Over the past few days, attendees have shown off their musical chops, or even possibly picked up and played a guitar for the first time.  Jim custom made a pair of guitars for SOLIDWORKS World.  He uses SOLIDWORKS to design, configure and customize these beautiful instruments.

The guitars available for play in the Product Showcase at SOLIDWORKS World 2015 are an Alumicaster with “Gotoh” tuners, Seymour Duncan “Quarter Pounder” pickups and solid brass, chrome plated “heavy knurled” knobs. Did I mentioned these beasts are machined out of aircraft grade aluminum, yet weighs the same as a standard guitar?

DSC_0295 DSC_0296 DSC_0297 DSC_0298DSC_0279

Originally posed by Jeremy Regnerus in the SOLIDWORKS Blog

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