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WALTHAM, MA — (Marketwire) — Jun 06, 2012 —  Kenesto Corp. ( today announced that Kenesto™ 2012, the company’s cloud-based process automation system, is now generally available. Kenesto revolutionizes the way users across a manufacturing enterprise create processes and manage work. By combining cloud technology with unsurpassed ease of use, Kenesto overcomes the rigidity, cost and complexity of legacy systems like product lifecycle management systems (PLM) and business process management systems (BPMS). Kenesto enables enterprises to know more about their business, involve their suppliers and customers in important processes and reduce the time-to-market for products. More importantly, Kenesto achieves the universal acceptance that has eluded legacy systems because Kenesto allows people to create processes that work the way users want them to. Designed from the ground up for simplicity, Kenesto can be learned by anyone in the enterprise in just a few minutes.

“Kenesto will make a significant difference in the way we process engineering changes and other workflow processes in our company,” said Bruce Wetherbee, senior manager, engineering systems at Metso Automation, Inc., a global supplier of technology and services to customers in the process industries. “Many crucial processes in our business still run on paper because we had not found a system that is easy enough or flexible enough to replace our paper processes. Kenesto meets those requirements and now, with Kenesto, we can finally automate these processes and realize the benefits of greater control and visibility into our business.”

Major new capabilities in Kenesto 2012 Kenesto 2012 offers all of the features that were available in the Kenesto beta, including zero client installation, a browser-based process creation environment, automatic generation and execution of processes and the ability to seamlessly include any person or company in Kenesto processes. Based on feedback from the Kenesto beta program, the general release of Kenesto 2012 has added significant additional functionality, including

  • Integrated forms capability. Information on paper still drives many companies’ processes. In Kenesto 2012, users can easily transform paper-based processes into Kenesto processes, using just their browser. Forms attached to Kenesto processes have all the desirable attributes of paper-based forms with none of the disadvantages. Unlike paper forms, Kenesto forms remain with the process on the cloud, are searchable and are access-controlled.
  • Enhanced reporting. Visibility into a company’s processes assists managers in making crucial decisions. Kenesto 2012 reporting makes it easy for decision-makers to gain that visibility. Kenesto 2012 reports are easily customized to answer crucial questions like “How fast are we working on a given set of processes?” and “Which processes are in a specific step and how long have they been that way?” Standard reports that are included in Kenesto 2012 include Activities by Users, Process Throughput, Process by Time and Process Steps by Time.
  • 3D viewing of parts and streaming of common video formats. Product-based processes almost always require digital product information to be attached to the process. The Kenesto beta supported attachment and viewing of many different formats of digital information, including Microsoft® Office® documents, images and 2D drawing formats such as Autodesk® DWG™ files. Kenesto 2012 breaks new ground by offering 3D viewing of many 3D parts files, Dassault Systèmes® SolidWorks® assemblies as well as .mp4 and .wmv video formats. All files are rendered in a browser with no client installation required, making it possible to solve two conflicting demands in product-based processes. In Kenesto 2012, access to intellectual property can be both universal and easily controlled.

“We are very excited to bring Kenesto 2012 to the market,” said Michael Payne, CEO, Kenesto Corp. “We have built a product which works the way people want it to without forcing them to change how they work and which delivers technology in precisely the way people want to access it. With Kenesto 2012 we have reached an objective no PLM system has achieved before: practically zero implementation costs for deployment or training. By rigorously adhering to two principles — Kenesto must be 100% cloud-based and Kenesto must always do what the user, not the software, expects — we believe we have produced the first process automation system that can be broadly deployed across the enterprise.”

System requirements, pricing and availability Kenesto runs in any HTML5-capable browser, including mobile devices running Android® and iOS®.

Kenesto is offered in a series of Process Plans. Each Process Plan allows a company to initiate up to a specified number of processes each month. Plans are billed annually. Customers may change their Process Plan at any time with an effective date of the first of the following month. If a company starts more processes in a month than are allowed in its Process Plan, those additional processes are billed at the current plan’s per-process rate. There are no penalties for exceeding the plan amounts.

Every Kenesto process includes access by an unlimited number of users, so everyone inside and outside a company may participate in Kenesto processes. And, each process may have an unlimited number of documents and/or attachments added to it. Intellectual property attached to Kenesto processes may be easily access-controlled to prevent leakage or loss of a company’s IP.

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About Kenesto Kenesto ( is a new kind of process automation system. In contrast to legacy PLM systems, Kenesto is people-centric, product-based and enterprise scalable. Kenesto combines these three attributes into the first system that can be widely deployed across an enterprise to improve a company’s teamwork and efficiency. Kenesto revolutionizes process automation by making process automation more widely applicable, more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Kenesto is privately-held and based in Waltham, MA.

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