Kenesto – Business Process Automation

Why Kenesto?


Today, manufacturers have more challenges than ever. That’s not news to anyone in the industry. The challenges come from all sides: materials costs, competition, what will happen in the marketplace for a given product.

One response to these difficult business conditions is to make your company’s everyday product processes simpler, faster and more responsive. Think of the number of times your new product introduction process or an engineering change got bogged down. Or how long it can take for your company to make a component sourcing decision. All of these kinds of business processes — and many others — benefit from using Kenesto.

Here are three benefits Kenesto delivers to the entire organization.

  • Visibility into crucial product-based business processes.Many companies have informal or “traditional” ways of doing things — from buying materials to launching a product. The business logic of these processes is often lost in the mist of those traditions. Often, nobody can explain precisely why “we do things the way we do.” Management and staff visibility into these core business processes is limited. That, in turn, can lead to delay and, sometimes, confusion.Kenesto delivers 100% visibility into active processes at any point in their execution. Because Kenesto always “knows” the state of things, costs are reduced, delays are eliminated and the overall responsiveness of the company is enhanced. Kenesto permits data-driven re-engineering of product-based processes, delivering even more savings over time.
  • Security and protection of intellectual property.  Doing business today means using email. Email is universal — and porous. Once an important document or drawing is emailed outside a company, control over that information is completely and permanently lost.Kenesto secures important intellectual property by storing it in the cloud and giving the company as well as individual users control of who may access what. Kenesto can even implement review policies which require management intervention when information is about the leave the company.
  • A permanent record of what was done, by whom, when and with what information. “How did we do that last time?” “We need to show a regulator which drawing we used to source components.” Questions and documentation requirements like these are easily answered by Kenesto.Each process becomes a permanent record of the timeline, people and data that were involved in a core business process. This “record of the truth” remains accessible for as long as needed, making it possible for companies to “rewind” to a specific time, group of people or set of data to answer questions about the past as well as determine future action.

Kenesto Features

  • No installation of client software is required to use the system’s full capabilities
  • Automatic generation and execution of process models
  • Dashboards on the home screen for status and reporting on in-flight and completed processes
  • Online viewing of over 250 different vector-based image formats and common file types, like spreadsheets and word processing documents.
  • Control viewing of intellectual property outside the enterprise, via automatically created review and approval steps
  • Inclusion of external suppliers, vendors and customers in active processes by email invitation
  • Support for any HTML5-based browser, including Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 9 or later, Mozilla® Firefox® 3.6 or later, Google Chrome™ 14.0.835, Google Android™and Apple® iOS® devices
  • Easy re-working of completed steps with a “go back” capability
  • Automatic tracking of “documents of record” in any process
  • SMS text and email for notification of process updates and status
  • Integrated search with both simple and advanced search operators
  • Vote processing with approve/reject/abstain signatures
  • Importing of list content, like bills-of-materials (BOMs), issues, parts and requirements to enhance users’ decision making
  • Process owner control of process status, with “skipping” of activities that are overdue or obsolete
  • Templates for creating, saving and reusing existing processes
  • Customizable document forms

Kensto Basics

Watch this short video to see how Kenesto can quickly and easily automate common processes in your business.

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