How To Add A Textured Logo in KeyShot

If you have a company logo on a product, it’s pretty common to need a logo as a material (like a chrome sticker) but not have the logo modeled in 3D. Modeling a logo can create extra work and slow the model down, but KeyShot provides a simple way to achieve the same result, much […]



KeyShot 5.2 is now available for download

The latest version of KeyShot available for subscription customers, contains performance and stability improvements with new support for SOLIDWORKS 2015 files. The update may be downloaded here: Windows 32-bit Windows 64-bit Mac OS X Features and improvements include: SOLIDWORKS 2015 Support Motion blur improvements Added KeyShot Pro Floating timeout notification Respect visibility of emissive when not two […]



KeyShot Plugin – SolidWorks

SolidWorks is one of the most popular 3D modeling programs around, and while you can import the part and assembly files directly into KeyShot, you can also use the KeyShot SolidWorks plugin to import your model, creating visuals faster with Luxion’s LiveLinking technology to send any model changes back over to KeyShot. In this short […]


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KeyShot Black Friday Event (and Cyber Monday Deals)

The KeyShot Black Friday Event* Friday 28th November 2014 Be ready our exclusive one-day only event to bring KeyShot to you at a special price begins. Discounts start on Friday 28th November at 8:00AM until 4:30PM. These deals are good for one day only. You won’t want to miss this special pricing. For one day […]



KeyShot 5.1 Now Available

Today, we’re very excited to bring you KeyShot 5.1. It’s available for immediate download here or you can grab the update here. We’ve built on the features and updates released with KeyShot 5, adding new advanced procedural textures with loads of options, Sørensen Leather materials (via KeyShot Cloud) and Federal Standard colours. We’ve also added […]



Learn KeyShot 3D Animation Essentials

The KeyShot 3D Animation Essentials webinar is the second in our KeyShot Essentials series and available now. The webinar is absolutely packed with step-by-step instructions on using KeyShot Animation to create dramatic visuals of your 3d models. KeyShot Animation is an add-on product available for any edition of KeyShot through the KeyShot store. With it, […]


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KeyShot Quick Tip: Depth Pass

Get the details on creating a depth pass in KeyShot to create photorealistic Depth of Field (DoF) in Photoshop instead of rendering it in KeyShot. Learn what is a depth pass, how to set them up in KeyShot and finally how to work with the EXR file in Photoshop through Exposure adjustments and the Lens […]



KeyShot Quick Tip: Virtual Photo Studio in KeyShot

This KeyShot Quick Tip demonstrates how to utilize a virtual photo studio to essentially eliminate environment and camera set up time when working with a series of similar models in KeyShot. Download and try KeyShot here: or buy KeyShot now. Originally posted in the KeyShot Blog.



KeyShot Quick Tip: Cylindrical Mapping

It’s certainly possible to go around willy-nilly slapping labels on every cylindrical surface you come across–some find no greater joy in doing such things. Fortunately, KeyShot makes all that label applying activity incredible easy with a visual mapping tool to help locate labels on cylindrical surfaces. To see how it’s done, catch this quick tip […]



KeyShot Quick Tip: Model Grouping

This quick tip shows how to use Groups in the KeyShot Scene Tree allowing you the ability to add parts to groups for better selection and organization of your parts for rendering and animation. Download and try KeyShot here: Originally posted in the KeyShot Blog.



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