Unlock MySolidWorks Professional When you Buy SOLIDWORKS

MySolidWorks is the online hub for over a million SOLIDWORKS users worldwide, and tens of thousands of users use it every day to learn something new about SOLIDWORKS, to connect with peers in the SOLIDWORKS community, or prepare for their certification exams. Now through December 30, 2019 you can get more than just the best CAD […]


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Learn How to Use Linear and Nonlinear Analysis with new eCourse

The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Dynamics eCourse is now available at MySolidWorks. The SOLIDWORKS Simulation Dynamics eCourse provides an introduction to linear and nonlinear dynamic structural behavior. In a dynamic analysis, loads are applied with time and momentum is considered. This enables you to design parts and assemblies within SOLIDWORKS to withstand shock loads, vibrational loads, impact […]


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MySolidWorks – Using the Different Areas of MySolidWorks

Welcome to this short series of videos, explaining the services available through the use of MySolidWorks. This video is Part 3 of the series, and goes through the separate areas of MySolidWorks, including: Training CAD Models Buzz Forum Cloud Storage / Drive Support For parts 1 and 2 of this series, please see our earlier […]



MySolidWorks – Registering for MySolidWorks Professional and its Basic Functions

Welcome to this short series of videos, explaining the services available through the use of MySolidWorks. Part 1 of this series, explains how to activate MySolidWorks Professional, to ensure you have access to all the content of MySolidWorks. MySolidWorks Professional is an additional subscription service, which gives access to more content in MySolidWorks, over and […]



Five Free SOLIDWORKS Tools that Boost Everyday Productivity

As an engineer or designer, software typically comes with a cost—either in terms of the actual cost of buying it or in terms of the time investment you must make in order to successfully deploy it and integrate it into your product development processes. Did you know, however, that there are some very useful SOLIDWORKS […]


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SOLIDWORKS Provides One-click Access to Online Training and Much More

Access to SOLIDWORKS training has never been easier. To be honest, few things are actually this easy. While working in SOLIDWORKS, you can learn more by simply opening the drop down menu to connect to MySolidWorks, your one place for all things SOLIDWORKS. Here you will find hundreds of training videos that let you learn […]



MySolidWorks – It’s all about you and SOLIDWORKS

Last year, nearly one million SOLIDWORKS users used MySolidWorks to connect to the SOLIDWORKS Community, find solutions to CAD problems and to learn something new. If you are not yet familiar with MySolidWorks, it’s an online hub for SOLIDWORKS that provides professional CAD users, educators, and students with relevant SOLIDWORKS content and services anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can easily search across […]


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Simulation Training videos now available at MySolidWorks

MySolidWorks is your one place for all things SOLIDWORKS – making you more productive by connecting you with relevant SOLIDWORKS content and services – anytime, anywhere, and on any device. With MySolidWorks you can get answers about SOLIDWORKS solutions, learn more and connect with manufacturers worldwide to bring your designs to life. MySolidWorks is a […]


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100+ SOLIDWORKS training videos are now available on MySolidWorks

MySolidWorks Professional adds tremendous value to thousands of SOLIDWORKS subscription customers worldwide with access to over 500 online training videos and SOLIDWORKS certification prep courses introducing new skills to help you become more productive. In addition to the existing training content, such as SOLIDWORKS Essentials, Advanced Part Modelling, Assembly Modelling, Electrical Design or Sheet Metal […]


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