New Tools, New Rules: Vortex machining in Delcam software

See how you can save 60% in CNC machining time by programming your parts with Delcam’s patent-pending Vortex machining strategies! Register for our New Tools, New Rules series of webinars on the dates below to learn how Vortex can help you: Reduce your machining times Maximise the life of your cutting tools Maintain optimum cutting […]


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Introducing SolidWorks Electrical

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of SolidWorks Electrical, which makes it possible for you to design products requiring electrical systems for power, control, safety and data acquisition. SolidWorks Electrical lets you precisely develop the overall system design and integrate the electrical aspects into the 3D mechanical model to create a better design in […]


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How to improve the display quality of a circle in DraftSight

DraftSight is a free 2D CAD package available from Solid Applications. When using DraftSight to view DXF’s, DWG’s or if you are using as a 2D drawing package, you may notice some circles that look like a ‘fifty-pence piece’ – heavily rasterised. With the 2D model open in Draftsight, type in ‘VIEWRES’ in the Command […]


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Free Design for Manaufacturing Feedback inside SolidWorks

It will happen, one day you will receive a part that is nearly impossible to manufacture. Not because the part is on the “top secret out of space” difficult level, but because something as simple as an unexperienced engineer/designer did not realize that there is some physics rules that apply to make a design that […]


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