Enhanced Configurations Support, Ease of Use and Performance

eDrawings enhancements include data access with WebGL technology, BOM Cutlist configuration and Right Mouse Button updates.

Access to Even More Information for Non-SOLIDWORKS Users

A PDM system helps get access to any information even to non CAD users. With SOLIDWORKS® 2019 PDM Web2 you can access any data using your favorite Internet browser. SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 now leverages WebGL™ technology, which enables users to review CAD designs from any device with no viewer installed. With such technology, large designs are loaded quicker and model manipulations are smoother. SOLIDWORKS eDrawings® preview in Windows® Explorer now allows users to switch to any configuration or any drawing sheet.

Very frequently, design teams are working with complex designs with hundreds of components, often required to perform PDM operations on referenced or parent documents. In order to gain efficiency, it is now possible to display the traditional Context Menu in “Contains” and “Where Used” tab. As an example, you can now move a sub assembly to the next workflow state (Change State) directly from within the top level assembly’s “contains” tab.

Finally, an extra step has been taken around instances management. Weldment Cutlists are now configuration specific. Imagine a generic machine frame that could be of three different dimensions. It is no longer required to open the model in SOLIDWORKS® to review the length’s properties. The BOM tab is now made of a selection box that allows users to switch between configurations.  This way you have access to configuration-specific characteristics also on welded models.

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