SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018

Innovate. Evaluate. Validate.


Innovation starts with someone asking, “What if?” or “Why not?” Answering these questions with any degree of certainty used to require the time and expense of physical prototyping and testing. Now, with SOLIDWORKS Simulation, designers and analysts are no longer required to rely on physical testing to validate their designs.


You + Simulation = Better, More Cost-Effective Products

Learn how fellow designers are using virtual prototyping to design with more opportunities for optimization, less rework, and a faster time to market


Integrated inside of the familiar SOLIDWORKS environment, SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools allow both the casual designer or engineer as well as the dedicated analyst to test ideas in a virtual environment at any step of the design process to gain insight into potential performance and durability. The SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite of tools scales to meet the needs of any organization and is completely integrated, enabling your engineering and design teams to work together concurrently while validating any changes, and reusing previous analysis information. Let’s see the new SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 capabilities in action:


My Highlights of SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: the New Topology Study

Find out about how the New Topology Study functionality in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018 can help you develop innovative minimum mass components in SOLIDWORKS.

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New in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Whether you need to validate plastic part designs or evaluate complex multi-physics problems, SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables you to bring higher-quality products to market faster and at a lower cost.


Lightweight Topology

Weight is always a driving factor in design. Topology study gives you the power to reduce weight without thinking about it.

Plastics Mesh Geometry

Directly use SOLIDWORKS geometry from within SOLIDWORKS Plastics, enabling you to use more precise geometry which provides more finite control.

Free Surface Flow Simulation

See SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation evaluate a 50-foot boat assembly to assure it cuts through water as intended, creating an optimal wake pattern in the open ocean.

Simplify Multi-Physics Problems

Need to solve for simultaneous physical phenomena? SOLIDWORKS Simulation has you covered. See how fluctuating dynamics and lift load are used to ensure this RV’s antenna stays intact and doesn’t fly off the road while also understanding the vehicle’s noise profile.

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