SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

The SOLIDWORKS Composer Player is a free utility to distribute the content you create to end-users.

Let your shop floor, customers, and partners see how your product works, what you can do with it, and how to do it with interactive 3D content using SOLIDWORKS® Composer™ Player. More than a simple viewer, SOLIDWORKS Composer Player lets

  • Manufacturing teams visualize how the product is assembled

  • Service representatives see how a repair is made

  • Customers watch the product in action, even before it is built

Traditional photos, screen shots, and videos can only show what the photographer includes. You can’t see the other side of an object or look at it from a different angle. Clarity and understanding is always in question: Is the image well focused? What if you want to see more detail? Is the lighting right? Is the background appropriate?

With SOLIDWORKS Composer Player, all these issues can be easily resolved. You can interrogate the model, adjust the viewing angle, and rotate/pan/zoom as you wish in real time. You can even launch a magnifying glass to drill down to tiny details or create section views. Even better, viewers can browse through predefined configurations of the design and enjoy a customized and flexible viewing experience.

With SOLIDWORKS Composer Player, you can reduce production errors, mitigate support loads, and win more business.

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SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

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Video: First Look at SOLIDWORKS Composer

SOLIDWORKS Composer Player solutions include:

>> Technical Illustration

SOLIDWORKS Composer supports a wide range of 3D CAD formats, including SOLIDWORKS, CATIA®, ProEngineer®, and Autodesk® Inventor®, as well as neutral file formats such as STEP and IGES. You can simply open the 3D model to create rich graphical content.

High Quality Graphic Creation

  • Select the 2D output from a wide range of options—SVG, EPS, CGM, BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF

  • Produce high quality vector graphics (SVG, EPS, SVGZ, CGM), line drawings, and stunning raster graphics (JPG, BMP, TIF, PNG) directly from existing CAD files

Optimized Workflows

  • Visualize and present how your products looks and functions, instead of just talking in front of your prospects

  • Customize and configure your product visualization instantly according to your prospect’s requirements

  • shortens their decision making process and quickly convince prospects of your product’s value

  • Work directly from existing CAD data

  • Create visual assets in multiple departments through your organization, such as Technical Publications and Marketing

  • Free up engineering from having to continually generate screen shots, exploded views, and graphics

  • Update graphical content automatically, keeping graphics accurate and current as design changes

>> 2D and 3D Publishing

High Quality 2D and 3D Publishing

  • Deliver best-in-class printed documentation using high-resolution shaded renderings with a three-dimensional appearance

  • Create interactive 3D animation so consumers can understand your product from the first look, rotate it, or move around it for a lifelike view

  • Show anyone how your product works, what it can do, or how to do it using universal interactive animations to remove the barriers of technical drawings

  • Help your customers and partners understand and retain information more effectively with high quality, interactive 3D communication

  • Quickly publish HTML pages, PDFs, Videos (including fly-through and walk-through), interactive storyboards, and interactive web pages

Interactive Content Distribution with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player

  • Distribute content widely with free SOLIDWORKS Composer Player 3D viewer

  • Enable anyone to view your interactive content

  • Create a complete 3D product experience with interactive product communication

  • Provide multiple formats for 2D output (such as Bitmap, PNG, EPS) and animation (such as AVI)

Advanced Viewing with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro

  • Query, manipulate, interact, and display SOLIDWORKS Composer content with in real-time integration of data originating from external sources using SOLIDWORKS Composer Player Pro

  • Develop custom interactive 3D applications for lifelike application experiences (such as Interactive Web Training and Part Catalogues) using the powerful, advanced Applications Programming Interface (API) with SOLIDWORKS Composer Player ActiveX

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