Extended Reality (XR) Now Available to Test

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) – a method to transform your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually – opening the future of design and engineering. We are now ready for you to test this exciting new export type from SOLIDWORKS CAD, as part of the 2019 Beta Program. This exporter will retain […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 3

In case you missed PART 1 or PART 2… Day 3 at SOLIDWORKS World brings the fourth installment of the skit. The cast is working on the soundtrack, but can’t stop messing around. Megan has reached her boiling point and explodes! The team instantly snaps into shape and finish the voiceover work for Kurt’s demo. […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 2

In case you haven’t read PART 1… click here. Didn’t click? Ok, here’s the recap…. Ian wanted to do a Star Wars sequel, but that got scrapped. Megan cut Jeremy from the production, but he’s still hanging around. It took 43 takes, but Ian finally produced an incredible demo, although he was still lobbying for a […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019 Technology Preview – Part 1

The SOLIDWORKS 2019 TECHNOLOGY PREVIEW is always one of the highlights of SOLIDWORKS World. Users love getting a “sneak peek” at some of the new features coming in the next release and the Product Introduction Team always seems to find a unique and interesting way demonstrate the new features. This year’s edition takes you “Behind […]


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