What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Improved Large Assembly Performance

Improved Large Assembly Performance Many new enhancements have been included in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to help improve large and complex assembly performance. Be More Productive When Working with Large Assemblies Large Design Review is a capability that has been available in SOLIDWORKS for many years and allows users to open very large assemblies fast, giving you […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Graphics Gets a Performance Boost

Graphics Gets a Performance Boost in SOLIDWORKS 2019 SOLIDWORKS 2019 delivers significant graphic performance enhancements for large assemblies giving users optimized view manipulations for a better overall experience. Better Visual Quality for Large Assemblies When working with large assemblies, view manipulation is vital to a good user experience, and over the years SOLIDWORKS worked hard […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019 SP0 is now available to download

This service pack for SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS PDM, is now available to Subscription Service customers. To download, click here. Alternatively log into the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal at and click Download Software and Updates to access the update. You will need your SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal login details to download SOLIDWORKS. If you don’t have an […]


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Enhanced Material Support for Visualize 2019

One of the major enhancements in Visualize 2019 is the enhanced support for materials, available in both Visualize Standard & Professional. If we break down the enhanced material support further, we can talk about 3 different types of materials or workflows supported; NVIDIA MDL, PBR & Allegorithmic Substance Designer. Let’s take a few minutes to […]


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Empower the Model-Based Enterprise with SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019

Model-Based Definition (MBD) is a journey. Defining product and manufacturing information (PMI) on 3D models rather than 2D drawings is just a start. After that, it’s vital to serve the downstream processes such as inspection, fabrication, and suppliers, in an organized, consumable and actionable fashion. Regardless of MBD or 2D drawings, the functional purpose is […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS Composer 2019

It’s that time of the year again when we introduce a new release of SOLIDWORKS Composer. We’ve had one full year to improve the product and this time around we had a lot of our multi-year projects come to fruition. The overall theme of this release was to deliver improvements on productivity, integrations with other […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019: Focused on Improving Your Productivity

As you all know SOLIDWORKS 2018 added significant new functionality as well as many new products to our product development ecosystem to fully support your ability to quickly take your good ideas and transform them into innovative, great new products. We introduced tools that facilitated the design of smart, connected products as well as new […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2019 – Design and Manufacturing just got Easier, Faster and Smarter

SOLIDWORKS 2019 contains many exciting improvements and new capabilities that help you design, present, and communicate your ideas faster and easier. Here are some of the key improvements: Create and work with large assemblies much faster. SOLIDWORKS 2019 is significantly faster when working with large assemblies. Whether you’re just viewing your design or adding new […]


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Live Online Event: Experience What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Tune in on Wednesday, September 12th starting at 04:00pm BST as we unveil SOLIDWORKS 2019 and all the new capabilities and enhancements that will help you go from design to finished products faster so you can beat your competitors to market and improve your bottom line. You’ll SEE demonstrations of the product, HEAR SOLIDWORKS 2019 […]


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Extended Reality (XR) Now Available to Test

Welcome to SOLIDWORKS Extended Reality (XR) – a method to transform your CAD data and bring it to life, virtually – opening the future of design and engineering. We are now ready for you to test this exciting new export type from SOLIDWORKS CAD, as part of the 2019 Beta Program. This exporter will retain […]


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