SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – User Experience & SOLIDWORKS Simulation

SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Work Faster and Easier. Take a look at how SOLIDWORKS 2018 aids day-to-day productivity with a series of enhancements focused 100 percent on you.   SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018. From part stress and factor of safety to problems with non-linear materials and vibration, learn how to stay competitive in today’s world by better […]


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What’s New in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018

The Distributed Data Management products at Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS were developed specifically to focus on the needs of anyone who needs to share information, both internally and externally with partners, suppliers and customers. With SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018, your references to other CAD software are recognized and are included during PDM operations (Check-in, Check-out, Where used, […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – Tolerance Based Machining & Free Hand Sketching

SOLIDWORKS CAM 2018 – Tolerance Based Machining. Generate CNC programs directly from GD&T information applied to the 3D model, driven by pre-defined rules that match your manufacturing best practices.   SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Free Hand Sketching. Capture design ideas even faster using a Windows touch-enabled device, by free hand sketching with your finger, pen, or […]


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SOLIDWORKS Hints & Tips – Adding custom material properties to Toolbox Components

You can create a list custom property that is linked to the SOLIDWORKS Materials library. The video below will show how to achieve this. To create a material property: From Windows, click Start > All Programs > SOLIDWORKS version > SOLIDWORKS Tools > Toolbox Settings . Click 2 – Customize Your Hardware. On the Customize […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2018 What’s New – Automated Sheet Metal Tab and Slot Design & Mesh Modeling

SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Automate Tab & Slot for Sheet Metal Design. A new tool automates the creation of tab and slot features, minimizing your need to build costly welding fixtures.   SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Work Directly and Easily with Mesh Data. Work with mesh data more like surface and body geometry. Create surfaces directly from […]


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SOLIDWORKS Composer Quick Start Guide #9: Publishing to PDF, Word and HTML

Hello and welcome to the final post in the SOLIDWORKS Composer Quick Start Guide, a video series intended to orient new users in SOLIDWORKS Composer and walk them though the basic features of the software. Throughout this series, we’ve walked through how to create a variety of informative deliverables from your CAD assemblies, including animations, […]



SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018: Designer to Analyst

When I first started using analysis tools it was the domain of the expert, the engineer with the PhD. Virtual testing was used sparingly and only for high value applications. But today? Today, simulation has become a tool used throughout the product development process. So what changed? Well, simulation became accessible to those without PhDs […]




SOLIDWORKS PDM 2018. New enhancements to SOLIDWORKS PDM include bi-directional communication between PDM and the revision tables. Design branching and merging improves the process of handling various design change scenarios such as engineering change requests, and working with external vendors.   SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Easier Electronic Design. Make quick and easy design changes across your […]


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SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Generate Inspection Reports Faster. Leverage the power of Model-Based Definition by generating first article inspection reports directly from dimensions and annotations applied directly to 3D parts and assemblies.   SOLIDWORKS 2018 – Powerful Model Based Definition. Model Based Definition in SOLIDWORKS 2018 is more powerful than ever allowing you to more accurately […]


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SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News – November 2017

Welcome to this new edition of the SOLIDWORKS Support Monthly News, coauthored by members of the SOLIDWORKS Technical Support teams worldwide. Troubleshooting preview problems in SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 By Kevin Crawford Have you ever selected a file in SOLIDWORKS PDM Web2 and the preview doesn’t appear and you get the spinning wheel? This is typically […]


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