How Does Home Licensing for SOLIDWORKS Work?

SOLIDWORKS users have long enjoyed the ability to use their software from both their home/mobile and work offices. How is this accomplished without running afoul of the EULA (End User License Agreement), which only permits one license enabled on any one computer at any one time? In our previous two blog posts we examined perpetual […]



Which is Right for You: Standalone or Floating License?

In our last blog article, we examined the difference between perpetual and term licenses and how you might leverage both license types to meet all your license entitlement needs. We also looked at SOLIDWORKS commitment to offer and support perpetual licenses well into the foreseeable future. Today we will examine the two choices within perpetual […]



Which is Right For You, Perpetual or Term Licenses?

SOLIDWORKS has different licensing options designed to meet the varying needs of our customers and users. In the software industry, licensing generally falls into one of two categories; perpetual licenses (i.e. purchase to own, with optional subscription service) and term licenses (i.e. pay as you use, or ‘rent’ the software for a specific period, such […]