SOLIDWORKS Modeling Challenge – Measuring Imported Fillets

* This is one of a series of modeling challenges you can use to test your SOLIDWORKS skills.  First, read the challenge and try to figure out a solution on your own.  Then, compare your solution with my good, better, and best recommendations.  As always, feel free to share even more tips and tricks in […]


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Understanding Sheet Metal and Transformed Sketches and How They Behave

Sheet metal parts can have sketches in the Folded and the Flat Pattern states (Fig. 1) Sketches created in the folded state can have an equivalent “transformed” sketch in the Flat Pattern state. All sheet metal parts have a fixed face. The fixed face is the one that remains in the same position when unsuppressing the […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Compare Documents Command

Often times parts vary slightly in design, which can result in different geometry. The Compare Documents command is used to compare the document properties, the features used, the geometry itself, or a bill of materials between two documents in SOLIDWORKS. Because the documents can be so closely compared, it helps identify areas that may cause […]


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SOLIDWORKS Hints & Tips: Adding a custom size thread

In this blog post, we go through the process of adding a custom thread profile, should the profile / size that you require not be available in the standard options. Step 1: The first step is to locate the thread folder where all the profiles are kept, to add your own custom thread to the […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Utilizing Curve Driven Patterns

While some of the common patterning commands like Linear Pattern and Circular Pattern can accomplish your modeling needs, sometimes a feature needs to be patterned along a face that has a custom curvature. The Curve Driven Pattern command allows you to pattern along a curve, which is extremely helpful when the pattern needs to be […]


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SOLIDWORKS Modeling Challenge – Drafting Curved Surfaces

Just like previous modeling challenges, give this one a shot on your own before scrolling down and reading some of the possible solutions.  As always, feel free to share even more tips and tricks in the comments below.  Today’s challenge is to add 10 degrees of draft to the end of this 2016 cylindrical SOLIDWORKS […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Offset Entities

How do you offset entities? Did you know there are a whopping seven options in the PropertyManager to help get you to your desired results? Here’s my challenge to you – I want you to pick a command you use regularly, let’s say Extruded Cut for example. The next time you use your chosen command, […]


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Excluding library parts when using SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go gathers all related files for a model design (parts, assemblies, drawings, references, design tables, Design Binder content, decals, appearances, and scenes, and SOLIDWORKS Simulation results) into a folder or zip file. There may however be times when you want to exclude items from your Pack and Go, such as files that […]


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SOLIDWORKS Tech Tip: Move Components

How do you move components? Did you know there there are a few more options beyond click and drag to get your desired results? Here’s my challenge to you – I want you to pick a command you use regularly, and the next time you use your chosen command, I want you to experiment. Work the […]


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May the CAD be with you: it always is on 3D ContentCentral!

Whether you need some power converters or assemblies to take down an Imperial space station, 3D ContentCentral has the parts you’re looking for. With its powerful search, featuring more than 800 suppliers, it will take you no time to find the industrial components on 3D ContentCentral. If you do not know the power of the […]


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